Tracing Wheel, Pattern Notcher & Awl

Tracing Wheels

Tracing wheels are always being used for transferring markings from patterns to fabric, or between 2 patterns. They usually have a serrated edge or comes in a needle point wheel with wooden or plastic handle. The image here shows the Kearing brand tracing wheels with needle point tracing wheel, it is ideal for tracing markings from fabric back onto pattern papers and make pattern adjustments.

The serrated style wheel is the most commonly used in pattern making which pierce a line of small holes through from one piece of paper onto the underneath. You can use the tracing wheel to trace off scetions of fabric which you have draped on a model onto the paper for a final pattern.

The tracing wheel can also be used with carbon paper for marking outlines and marking details on the area you need onto fabric. Such as during your cutting project for pleat placement or dart arms. Just be careful for checking its wheels is not damaged before using, to avoid damaging your fabric.

tracing wheel 1
Kearing Tracing Wheels

Pattern Notcher

The pattern notchers are also one of the must to have tools in your sewing accessories kit. It is a useful tool to cut 1-1/4” * 1/16” hole notches in the edege of a paper or cardboard for making seam allowance, or fix the positions of darts and pleats. We also have a mutli purpose pattern notcher & hole punch tool combination for punching out a section on a pattern to indicate seam allowance and punching a hole on the pattern for hanging on a pattern hook. Cuts 1/4″ x 1/16″ or 1.3cm diameter circle marking through pattern board paper.

Save time with this simple tool to ensure accurate marking of your pattern key points.

pattern notcher
Kearing Pattern Notchers

Tailor Awl

Except using pattern notchers for marking small notches on a pattern in the seam allowance, we can also use tailor awls for marking patterns, easy use it to piece through the pattern paper leaving small holes.

If you are thinking to mark the position of a dot onto the fabric without moving the pattern, you can either use a tailor chalk or tailor awl to drill through the pattern paper to make a small tiny hole as mark. We can use the tailor awl for markings on the pattern like: marking dart points; marking pocket placements, marking buttons and buttonholes, etc. All hole markings made by the tailor awl are just like a drill hole, so we have to select the right place on fabric in order to make sure it is in a position where can be hidden – such as the seam allowance, inside a pocket, or within the dart.

tailor awl
Kearing Tailor Awls
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