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Founded in 1995, Kearing focuses in developing and manufacturing professional handcraft tools which including fashion design, patchwork, aviation and military industrials. Thanks for its prominent R&D capability and pursuit to extreme quality, which it persisted for over 20 years, Kearing becomes an international company which owns in-house R&D team, plant and a distribution network covering over 100 countries and regions.

20 years ago, Jason Zhao decided to give up his sound paid management position of a giant company, in order to start his own adventure. He did not develop his business by calling known clients which he accumulated from past career, but determined to realize a dream — to create a respectable brand !

By that time, all markets are dominated by European and Japanese brands. A Chinese brand was almost equal to counterfeit or poor quality. Being resilient like all other people from Hunan, Jason thought over and over, and decided to exert his talent to make his own effort to change people’s acknowledge to Chinese product and Chinese people. Therefore, he decided to take the way of in-house R&D. He locked himself home for months, devoured dozens of chemistry books and made thousands experiments. Finally, the first air-erasable pen was born. Its ink was able to last 2 years, which was an outstanding improvement to the best like-product that could only last for 1 year.

Product speaks. Thanks to this air-erasable pen, Kearing rapidly made a figure in domestic and international markets. Distributors all over the world came to partner with Kearing.

In the meanwhile, there came some other companies asking Kearing to be OEM for their products. Among them, there were some super order from lower market that might let Kearing expand rapidly. They asked Kearing to lower the quality to meet their cost control goal. Some of them even ask for counterfeit of other brands.

Between the foreseen interest and distant dream, Jason chose the distant dream again. He decided that Kearing would never produce any counterfeit. Moreover, he sticks to his will that Kearing will remains its high-ending positioning and never compromise the quality to cost-control.

He led the team to go deep and develop in a gridding way into the European and American markets. In addition to the large distributors who have established long-term cooperation, those local distributors who are still small in size and do not have the ability to source globally are also treated equally. He hopes that people who love handcrafts all over the world can use Keling’s high-quality products. Kearing eventually succeeded in building a solid and lasting reputation throughout the western market.

20 years passed, Kearing is continuously improving its product line. It has successively developed some popular products such as iron-on transfer markers, sandwich-line rulers, hot-ironing rulers and non-slip rulers. Kearing has set its position in the fields of fashion design rulers and patchwork rulers, and has become a leader in the industry. In addition, it has implanted R&D into its DNA since its birth, and continued to develop in new areas, and has made breakthroughs in aviation, military, outdoor, etc.

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“Kearing is dedicated to enabling every ordinary person to use high-quality professional tools, to ignite everyone’s passion for creativity, to dare to express themselves and pursue beauty and excellence, and to create a beautiful life in their way.”

— Jason Zhao

Our Mission

Empowering enthusiasts to be professional, and professionals to be exceptional.

Our Misson-2

Born to Create, Striving for Perfection, Eco-friendly Innovation, Focused on Professionalism


1995_ShanghaiBirth of Kearing

Shanghai Birth of Kearing.

2003_Special markers for handcraft, tailoring, electronic, etc.

Special markers for handcraft, tailoring, electronic, etc.

2004_Patented sandwich-ink technique

Patented sandwich-ink technique.

2005_Partners with Paris wholesalers

Partners with Paris wholesalers

2007_Partners with Boeing for flight computer

Partners with Boeing for flight computer

2013_Produce flight computer for American military

Produce flight computer for American military

2014_Collaborated with China's Civil Aviation College

Collaborated with China’s Civil Aviation College

2016_Partners with the Institute of Archeology CASS

Partners with the Institute of Archeology CASS

2016_Partners with the Institute of Archeology CASS

KEARING US registered in Houston

2019_Identified as Shanghai high-tech enterprise

Identified as Shanghai high-tech enterprise

2021_Distributes to 108 countries and regions

Distributes to 108 countries and regions

2023_KEARGING EUROPE registered in Paris

KEARGING EUROPE registered in Paris

Patent Certificates

Various domestic and foreign paten & copyright certificates. Kearing values intellectual property, values R&D and obtained various invention patent & design copyright certificates.

4_ISO 9001
ISO 9001
5 CE

Management Certificates

ISO certification, internal quality system, corporation standards. Kearing cares people’s value, cares social responsibility, both product and market systems are strictly comply with Chinese and international standards.

Test Reports

Factory inspection report, product test report, MSDS certificates. Kearing cares climate change and environmental protection, and also pays attention to sustainable development, issues MSDS certificates and test report for all products.

7_EN71 SGS

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