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About Kearing


KEARING was born in 1995, from the passion and tenacity of its founder, Jason Zhao, who started its journey from a remote country village in China, animated by his unique desire to develop and spread first-class fashion design marking tools and equipment, something no other supplier was able or willing to produce in his country back then. Firmly determined to demonstrate how commitment combined with talent can lead to excellence, he locked himself in his small laboratory with the best materials and tools he could find, and after months of experimentation, inevitable errors but also remarkable steps forward, he managed to independently develop his own exceptional ink and marking tools, setting an unparalleled quality level which soon became – and nowadays still remains – the industry standard.

Nonetheless, in the early 2000s, the market was still a ruthless jungle: thousands of competitors all over the domestic market were only focusing on how to make easy money the fastest way, or even ready to counterfeit big brand’s products in order to exploit the largest market in the world. Meanwhile, KEARING was on a totally different mission: we knew that the most essential and lasting value of our brand was our customers’ trust, and through the uncompromising quality of our products we resolved to stay loyal to our founding principles. By tackling more difficult but more mature markets like the European and the American ones, customer after customer, country after country, we finally managed to create a solid and lasting reputation across the western market, as a provider of entirely original and professionally reliable products.

In just over a decade, KEARING had become a top international player and managed to regain the trust of countless clients in its domestic Chinese market, delivering the best of Kearing’s tools all over the globe – not just like another mediocre trader in the industry, but as a true creator, connoisseur and innovator of professional tools for fashion designers, handicrafts lovers and art enthusiasts, as well as a reliable and supportive global partner for suppliers and distributors of art, design and handicraft tools. Today, with more than 25 years of success and expertise on its shoulders, Kearing continues to do just what he does best: by rejecting the temptation to imitate others, by refusing to choose the easiest way to make an effortless business, we leverage our technical and mechanical knowledge to maintain our own manufacturing at the highest standard, to enhance and customize production processes and equipment.

As we keep believing that through affordable but top-quality, durable and trustworthy design tools KEARING can inspire and nurture our global customers’ creativity, provide them with the perfect way to express themselves while paving the way for unmatchable levels of perfection.



Kearing came to life with a mission that remains unchanged today: no matter what our customers do, what tools or materials they use, we help each and every fashion design lover and handicraft enthusiast find their way to professionalism, and every professional designer and artist become their most masterful self.

Kearing envisions a future where affordable but top-quality, durable and reliable design tools can inspire and nurture everyone’s creativity, providing the perfect tools to express themselves, their passion for beauty, their professionalism, or their fervent desire to craft a perfect world their own way.



This may sound redundant but Kearing was created to create. The boundless devotion and seasoned mastery enlivening our instruments have a crystal-clear goal: to make sure that you can express all the creative beauty that your job, your hobby, your soul requires.


Kearing’s markers, our rulers, our sewing accessories, and our whole range of fashion design tools share one essential trait: Quality, at its best. That’s because we constantly strive for perfection, before, during and after our entire manufacturing process. Starting from the best raw materials, ending with a gratified and thankful customer holding the perfect tool they wished for.


In over 25 years of experience we’ve understood that there’s no creativity without innovation. And in recent years we’ve also learned that true innovation can always remain eco-friendly, which is why Kearing never stops investing in a research and development team of attentive experts, keeping their eyes on a much-needed environmental sustainability.


Kearing wasn’t meant to be a bad copy of another brand, and it wasn’t born to look for easy money and disappear overnight either. Professionalism is engraved in our core values, and that’s exactly the reason why our customers continue to choose our products and our service.

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KEARING is animated by a unique desire to develop, create and spread first-class fashion design marking, sewing, knitting, quilting tools and patchwork equipment, on a mission to help fashion design lovers and handicraft enthusiasts find their way to professionalism, and every professional designer and artist become their most masterful self. Since 1995 we’ve been leveraging the unequalled quality of our extensive product range to provide domestic and international clients and partners with eco-friendly, durable and easily customizable fashion design tools, offering our 25+ years of expertise and support across our global network of distributors.

Today, as a top-tier international player and provider of entirely original and professionally reliable fashion design equipment, KEARING keeps expanding its loyal audience of customers through affordable but top-quality, durable and trustworthy design tools specifically designed to inspire and nurture our customers’ creativity, and provide them with the perfect way to express themselves while reaching unprecedented levels of professionalism.


You Get Unrivalled Quality & Product Variety

Our 25-year long history speaks for us, and easily demonstrates that the quality of our products is now unequalled in this industry. How do we do it? With quality controls that cannot be stricter, across an incredibly wide range of solutions, constantly very attentive to details, always insisting on choosing only the best materials while maintaining highly competitive prices.

You Get Eco-friendly Durability

Did you get used to accepting a one-year warranty from all the other suppliers? 

We will never get used to it, which is why Kearing guarantees a shelf life of up to 2 years, gladly ready to compensate or replace your products at any time and in the fastest way. We can do this for a very simple reason: because we create our products to last for as long as you need, firmly committed to minimize any harmful impact on the environment.

You Get Ground-Breaking Customization

We are sure you’ve heard already, but we are proud to offer our own ink formula, internally developed from scratch to the highest industry standard, easily customizable to meet all kind of requirements our customers might have to excel in their market, both globally and locally, with always new products crafted by our talented designers and savvy developers.

You Get Global Distribution Network & Support

Kearing has chosen from day 1 the most difficult but most rewarding path in terms of quality, reputation and long-term development: we didn’t stop at the borders of our domestic market, but quickly structured our brand across the most demanding markets of the world, in Europe, and the United States, building an international standing supported by a rock-solid and far-ranging network of expertise, trust and unconditional support, anywhere around the globe.

You Get Long-term & Trustworthy Partnership

Kearing has become a leader in its industry for over 2 decades because it manages to build perfect partnerships, in which mutual trust, unconditional commitment, and thoughtful care truly turn each of our customers into life-long partners, growing with us and improving with us order after order, from the initial idea to the final delivery, ever closer to the ideal product, and the perfect future.


Various domestic and foreign paten & copyright certificates. Kearing values intellectual property, values R&D and obtained various invention patent & design copyright certificates.






ISO certification, internal quality system, corporation standards. Kearing cares people’s value, cares social responsibility, both product and market systems are strictly comply with Chinese and international standards.

ISO 9001




Factory inspection report, product test report, MSDS certificates. Kearing cares climate change and environmental protection, and also pays attention to sustainable development, issues MSDS certificates and test report for all products.