Sewing Supplies

Sewing Supplies encompasses a variety of personal and industrial sewing tools designed for various crafting scenarios, including measuring, punching, cutting, sewing, etc. Pursuing high quality and aesthetics while prioritizing ergonomics and environmental considerations, Kearing’s sewing supplies promise to deliver a refreshing and delightful experience to your creative endeavors.

Fabric Scissors

Crafted from manganese steel, the same material used for safes, bulletproof cabinets, and anti-drill plates, our tailor's scissors offer exceptional sharpness and durability. The extreme processing standards make these fabric scissors unique and superior to any other fabric shears.
The weight is perfectly balanced between the blades and the grip. With an ergonomically designed offset handle, the scissors for fabric slice through the material easily and precisely. For even better precision, you can adjust the gilded bolt according to the thickness of the fabric, ensuring effortless cutting whether it’s thin like silk or thick like canvas.
Our fabric scissors are available in four sizes: 9 inches, 10 inches, 11 inches, and 12 inches, providing the perfect tool for any cutting task.

Pattern Notchers

Our pattern notchers are crafted for precise and efficient marking in garment making. Built with high-quality stainless steel and nickel, our notchers ensure sharpness and durability for long-lasting use.
We offer various options to suit different needs, from affordable choices for hobbyists to premium models for professionals. With features like ergonomic designs and precision cast bodies, Kearing's pattern notchers provide accurate marking and seamless alignment, making them indispensable tools for any sewing project.
Explore our selection to find the perfect notching tools for your needs and enhance your sewing accuracy and efficiency.

Tracing Wheels

Discover Kearing's versatile range of tracing wheels, designed to enhance precision and efficiency in pattern making. Our selection includes models perfect for creating multiple duplicates of your patterns, with both dentate and needle-point options. Dentate tracer, used with tracing paper, ensure no damage to your fabric or paper, and allow for repeated use of the tracing paper. Needle-point tracing wheels leave direct puncture marks, eliminating the need for tracing paper. Additionally, we offer a specialized model for measuring length, ensuring accurate and efficient marking. Kearing’s tracing wheels provide reliable, detailed results, making them indispensable tools for any sewing enthusiast.

Seam Rippers

Experience the precision and efficiency of our Seam Rippers. Crafted to effortlessly remove stitches and seams, our tools redefine ease in sewing. Choose from a range of sizes, from the compact 6.7 cm to the spacious 13.2 cm options, ensuring every stitch is flawlessly undone. With models featuring protective covers and integrated brushes, and some designed for detailed work with small blade tips, our seam rippers elevate your sewing experience. Seamlessly cut without harming your fabric, Kearing's versatile seam ripper tools are your go-to for impeccable results.


We offer a diverse range of awls to solve your hole-punching needs, from 1mm to 9mm. Our awls are designed for precision and versatility, perfect for garment making and crafting. Choose from options with either wooden or plastic handles, all featuring ergonomic designs for comfortable use and sharp, durable points for clean, precise marks. Whether you are a professional tailor or a dedicated hobbyist, Kearing’s awls provide the functionality and durability needed to elevate your sewing projects.

Screw Punches

Achieve flawless hole-punching with our screw punches, offering five replaceable sizes: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, and 3.5mm. Ideal for leather, paper and plastic, our punches feature sharp, durable tips for clean, accurate holes. Choose between our Economy and Standard models, both designed for comfort and ease of use. Ensure professional-quality results in every project with Kearing’s reliable and versatile screw punches.

Pins and Pin Cushions

Streamline your sewing projects with our versatile collection of pins and pin cushions. Our range now features magnetic and traditional pin cushions designed for convenience and efficiency. With options like wrist-mounted models for hands-free access and cushions with integrated needle drawers, you can ensure your pins are always within reach and securely held in place. Crafted for durability and ease of use, these pin cushions keep your workspace organized and enhance your sewing experience. Choose from our selection to keep your sewing area neat and your tools easily accessible, making every project smoother and more efficient.

Fabric Adhesives

Explore our range of fabric adhesives, designed to meet all your fabric bonding needs. Our Permanent Fabric Adhesive, made from non-toxic aqueous materials, provide strong and lasting bonds for hems, appliques, trims, patches, and zippers. For quick bonding, our Iron-on Permanent Fabric Adhesive activates with heat, ensuring a secure bond in seconds. Additionally, our Fray Guard Fabric Adhesive prevents fraying and enhances durability without altering the fabric's color. These fabric glue are suitable for washing, dry cleaning, and tumble drying, keeping your projects intact and looking flawless. Choose our adhesive glue for clothes to achieve professional-quality results in all your fabric projects.

Other Sewing Tools

Our extensive range of other sewing tools and accessories is perfect for completing your sewing toolkit. This collection includes essentials like sewing needle threaders, bobbin organizers, plastic cases, sewing screwdrivers, and cleaning brushes. You'll also find sewing thimbles, tape maker sets, thread cutter rings, suction cup ruler handles, sewing clips, pattern hooks, erasing shields, and sewing machine needle sets. With these high-quality tools, you'll be fully equipped to enhance your sewing experience and achieve excellent results.

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