Quilting Supplies

From Classic Quilting Ruler series to the versatile Cutting Ruler series, and to the exclusive Hot Ironing Ruler series, Kearing champions industry evolution through relentless innovation.
With multiple patents and copyrights in the realm of patchwork and quilting, we steadfastly stride at the forefront of the market.
Beyond this, our extensive selection of patchwork tools caters to your
most nuanced requirements, ensuring that you navigate the intricacies of manual creation with ease.

Quilting Rulers

Crafted with a thickened body and featuring special anti-slip technology, our Quilting Ruler offers a secure grip without requiring additional non-slip pads. Its versatile range of styles and functions caters comprehensively to your quilting needs, ensuring professional-quality results with ease and confidence. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision quilting with Kearing's Quilting Ruler.

Hot Ironing Rulers

Remember when rulers for sewing and quilting were all made by ordinary rigid plastic or simple fabric materials?
None of them could really meet the rising demand of DIY hot ironing projects, as transparent plastic rulers were not heat resistant, while on the other hand, fabric rulers could tolerate the heat of a steam ironing press, but they were not see-through tools. To solve this knotty problem, Kearing created an entirely new type of ruler: a material that could equal the resilience of an astronaut’s helmet and incredibly heat-resistant.
From this unprecedented idea, Kearing’s resin plastic Hot Ironing Ruler rapidly encountered widespread success in the following years. Today Kearing owns exclusive patents for this tool, including its raw material, technology, design, and package style combination.

Measuring Gauges

Measuring Gauges – a groundbreaking solution born from the need for precision in quilting and sewing projects. Our gauge is available in two high-quality materials: aerospace-grade aluminum and durable plastic.
With clear markings, our sewing gauges allows for precise measurements and easy cutting of fabrics. Its friction-resistant design ensures smooth and accurate stitching, making it ideal for a wide range of sewing projects.
Choose from our variety of Sewing Gauges, each designed to meet specific quilting needs. Whether you're measuring seam allowances, marking hems, or creating buttonholes, Kearing's sewing gauges are your go-to tools for professional-quality results.

Quilting Tools

Our Quilting Tool lineup includes highly versatile Rotary Cutters, featuring SKH9 material circular blades suitable for cutting fabrics, paper, leather, and felt.
Crafted from precision-forged stainless steel, our rotary cutter blades ensure easy blade replacement with a quick-release nut mechanism. The classic safety button design and retractable blade head prevent accidental injuries, while the ergonomic non-slip handle allows for comfortable and flexible use by both left and right-handed quilters.
In addition to our Rotary Cutters, our collection also includes cutting mats, and the innovative Suction Cup Ruler Handle. The cutting mats provide a smooth surface for accurate cutting and protect your work surface from damage. The Suction Cup Ruler Handle provides a secure grip on rulers, making cutting tasks effortless and precise.

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