Winners of Quilt Festival in Houston 2022

The Houston Quilt Festival is always the greatest party for every quilting enthusiastics, quilt artworks display in this show all stands for the global highest level in either technology or art. We can not only enjoy various of beautiful quiltings here, but also learn and inspired from those professional quilters’ amazing ideas, which is definitely a great chance for us to enjoy a incredible experience in this art world build by quilt fabrics.

Top Winner – Beyond Reason

Size: 96” x 96”

By Angela Petrocelli

Some accomplishments are beyond reason. This quilt is the embodiment of a dream… not of a finished product, but the journey and completion of a process. I believe I could, I thought I should, I said I would, and I did. The total piece count is 226,576.

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Traditional Art Award – Merry Christmas

Size: 60” x 60”

By Aki Sakai

This is Ali Sakai’s second Christmas quilt, it took about a year to make it. Aki Sakai made it with the hope that everyone can have a happy Christmas.


Contemporary Art Master Award – Blue Basket

Size: 61” x 41”

By Roberta Lagomarsini

“Baskets are like stories—if you listen, they will tell you something.” —Deborah Valoma

Inspired by California and Nevada Piute Tribes’ winnowing baskets, this is a deconstructed version to allow viewing of the weaving. The vibrant colors show the beauty of the rituals involved in creating the baskets, and a hand-painted background fabric suggests the seeds, leaves, and other debris that falls through the basket. Quilting is in the basketweave pattern.

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Machine Sewing Art Award – Soul of the Southwest

Size: 84” x 98”

By Debbie Corbett with Mike Corbett

Our love of Native American artwork inspired us to recreate an authentic serape quilt. The process began with selecting the correct quilt pattern, fabric colors, quilting designs, and thread colors. The quilt consists of 2,426 one-inch pieces, 12 different thread colors, and over one million quilting stitches. The 28 custom quilting designs were created from traditional vintage pottery artwork from the Acoma, Zuni, Hopi, and Navajo people.

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Excellent Wirecraft Master Award – Dear Humans

Size: 94” x 64”

By Sue Sherman ( Canada )

The animals are sending a message to humans, offering their opinion about the state of things. If you look closely, you can see where the humans have filled the sky with their empty talk about addressing habitat loss and climate change, but don’t do enough to help. Wholecloth cotton painted with thickened dyes.

Houstan Quilt
2017 11 02 095202

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