Why We Prefer Using Sewing Clips

For everyone who love sewing, quilting or crafting, we always need to hold our fabrics together, to make sure they are in right position or with same length for next sewing operation, etc. 2 of the most popular right ools should be needles/pins and sewing clips, while actually more and more people are choosing sewing clips as it is more convenient and safe, and it will not leave ugly holes in our beautiful clothes. Now Kearing also provides sewing clips and this blog will show you more details about this amazing tool and why we prefer using sewing clips.

The first and most important reason we recommend sewing clips should be SAFE, especially when you are teaching your little sweet heart how to sew. Kids always easily get injuired once they touch needles or pins, so you’d better lock all these dangerous small tools in the box firmly, give them sewing clips as alternative choice and guide them how to use to hold fabric together.

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When we hold too many pieces fabrics together, or need to attach a piece of fabric to hard object, it is always too difficult to fix them with a simple needle. So here we find sewing clips are much more helpful, and easy to use without hurting ourselves or pricking your fingers. All the sizes of the sewing clips have plane surfaces which make it very easy for you move the clips towards the presser foot. The plane area of the clips has inscriptions that can be quite helpful when you are folding your binding so that all your measurements will be equal. They also come with quality spring to ensure their strength and increase their durability. The bright colors of the sewing clips make them easily found when they go missing without causing any injuries.

How To Use Sewing Clips ?

Open the clip and place it in the desired position by pinching it and the clipped teeth will easily secure it when you want to attach a sewing clip to a fabric or anything. When you’re operating a sewing machine and the colored side is facing down, the sewing clip could clamp the edge of your sewing machine or table. In the case where you have the plane clear side facing down, it will easily move up and down your sewing machine with ease.

Benefits Of Using Sewing Clips

Your Fingers And Your Fabrics Are Safe

Ditch those old school and harmful pins and protect your hands from injuries. You can also protect your material from why damage while you sew seamlessly without any hassles. It is also wonderful for embroidery sewing especially when you don’t wish to hoop the fabric. You can clip the material to the stabilizer or hoop as long as you don’t let the clips make contact with the presser foot.

More Convenient than Pins

With the plane surface of your sewing clips, it is very easy to bind your fabrics for as long as you want while you continue your sewing up to the presser foot. Also, sewing clips leave no ugly holes on your clothes like the pins do.

Plane Surface

The clips have a plane flat base which can easily help you bind your materials and keep them together properly even when you get to the curvy edges up until you reach the presser foot.

Strong, Flexible and Reliable

It has a wide expansion capability for opening and comes with good quality spring that strongly clips various blankets of fabric without inflicting any sort of damage.

Great for Kids

Sewing clips are easy to use when teaching the young ones how to sew. With sewing clips, sewing club days can be a lot of fun without worry about any pin pricking their little fingers.

Wide Application & Nice Gift

You can also use sewing clips as an improvised version of hair clips to hold your hair back so it doesn’t cover your face. They are highly versatile so you can use it as a paper clip, bind curtains to each other or maybe to clip your chips. Sewing clips can be used as gifts for your friends and loved ones and they will certainly appreciate using them to clip their clothes, to organize documents or using them on ropes to place their favorite pictures. Great tool to use long time and low-cost!

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