Which Type Fabric Marker Should I Use

Fabric markers are alway one of the must-to-have tool in the sewing kit, they are being used frequently by everyone tailors, fashion designers, sewing student, or quilters, etc. Once you have one fabric marker, you would be surprised how often you use it. It is important to test every fabric marker on a scrap of fabric to make sure they are with correct function we need, and this blog we will explain for some questions frequently asked by our customers and give a recommendation list, let’s see the details:

Is there a pen for fabric marking which can auto vanishing after my sewing project?

Kearing air erasable pen is a good choice, violet or pink color markings will auto vanishing after a period of time, just note the disappearing time is fluctuated due to different type of fabric, temperature, etc. Some will disappear after several hours, some will stay visible for several days. But anyway all markings can be erased immediately by Kearing Eraser Marker, or wash off.


Is there a pen for fabric marking which drawings will not auto vanishing, but I can wash it off easily after project ?

Kearing water erasable pen is a good choice, blue color markings will not auto vanishing by self, but can be erased immediately by water. Water based ink ( non toxic ) with 2 years quality guarantee time, conform to ASTM-D4236 & EN71 standards.


Beside, the Kearing water soluble pencil is also a good choice!

WP70 B

Is there a pen for fabric marker which drawings only heat iron off?

Kearing heat erasable pen is a perfect choice, 4 different colors available, and the colorful markings will disappear when heat ironing or washing. Perfect for temporary marking in sewing, quilting, embroidery or craft projects.

HE10 4C

Is there a fabric marker which drawings can be slapped off only?

Kearing chalk pencil is a good choice, blue & white color available.
Chalk compressed into pencil form, these are a really convenient and clean way of marking your fabric. They rub off quite easily, which is great for quick removal but can mean that you can accidentally rub away your lines whilst working. Sharpen these pencils often to keep a fine point.

CP70 W

If you like using chalk pencils, you might also find it useful to buy some tailor’s chalk too. It comes in neat triangular blocks which don’t need sharpening. Chalk pencils are essentially tailor’s chalk in pencil form.

tailor chalk

Okay hope above informations are helpful for you, see you ~

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