Which Erasable Fabric Marker Should I Use ?

The erasable fabric markers are always magical during quilting, sewing, and embroidering projects. Their marking lines are just there when you need them during the work, but will vanish when you don’t need them after finishing the project. Some type inks will auto vanishing after a period of time, some just stay there but can be erased immediately by water. Depends on various of fabrics you are working, you also need select different size tips to draw thick lines or thin lines. There are really a wide range and choice of fabric markers, here we are please to recommend the best Kearing erasable fabric markers for you.

Kearing Air Erasable Pen

Perfect for temporary marking in sewing, quilting, embroidery or craft projects.
Violet & Pink color markings will auto vanishing after a period of time, also can be erased immediately by Kearing Eraser Marker, or wash off. Non toxic water based ink with 2 years quality guarantee time!

air erasable pen

Kearing Water Erasable Pen

Blue & White color markings will not auto vanishing by self, but can be erased immediately by water. Non toxic water based ink with 2 years quality guarantee time, conform to ASTM-D4236 & EN71 standards.

water erasable pen

White Marking Pen

WHITE color markings will disappear when washing or ironing, perfect for short time marking on dark/black fabrics during sewing, quilting, embroidery or craft projects. Please pre-test on a scrap of fabric before using.

HW10 white marking pen

Cut – Free Invisible Pencil

White markings used for temporary markings on leather, clothing, footwear and other industries. You can easily pull thread upward to cut the outside wrapping, peeling the wrapping grid by grid, showing different pencil length according to personal habits.White color markings will instantly disappear by high temperature hot ironing. Please pre-test on scrap of fabric before using and store in cool ventilated warehouse.


Kearing is a brand manufacturer for these types erasable pens, acting as an expert in this industry since 1995. The regular vanishing time of air erasable pen is 1 or 2 days, if you have any special requirement such as need a faster disappearing time ( 2 ~ 6 hours ), or a slowly time ( 1 or 2 weeks ) – Kearing can help adjust the ink formula! From www.kearing.com, you can find more types erasable pens like dual tips marker with both blue water erasable pen and violet air erasable pen; air erasable pen with eraser tip for quick corrections, etc. Hope Kearing can help every handicraft lover become a professional, and every professional designer become masterful!

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