What is The Mermay Challenge?

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Are you going to take part in The Mermay Challenge this year?

If you are an artist or novice to the art world and Instagram and Facebook, you may want to check out The Mermay Challenge or #mermay. It is a collaboration of artists submitting various kinds of mermaid-themed art (paintings and drawings) that you do yourself or you can hashtag and submit your daily images from other artists around the world. This happens each day of May and to better understand all specifics, checkout Mermay on the site!

Many places around the world have a themed mermaid day in the summer months where people can see dressed up people pretending to live in tanks of seawater, eating seafood from food trucks, local jewelry, and art and clothing items that are beach themed—but what better way to celebrate the mythical creatures (some believe they are more than a myth) and put in your creative flair—make some art for The Mermay Challenge!

When can you be part of the challenge?

The Mermay Challenge encourages its participants to submit their favorite mermaid-themed art every day in the month of May or their own drawings or paintings, from the 1st all the way up until the 31st! Each day in the month of May features a different “prompt” or suggestion for each hopeful participant to provide a template for inspiration.

The idea entire idea of this challenge is to draw that day’s mermaid and submit your artwork along with the hashtags: #MerMay and #MerMay2021, you are also encouraged to like, share, and comment on other artist’s work.

Do you need to be an artist to take part in this online challenge?

It certainly will help you! Even if you aren’t an artist and want to draw your own, rather than share and submit drawings or paintings to fit the hashtag prompt suggestions, the mermay site has artist tutorials and different drawing tips for you to better understand the anatomy of a mermaid and know how to put together compositions that will make you an awesome mermaid artist, in no time!

While it really doesn’t matter, if you want to have your drawing selected it is best that you try to draw a challenge day at least a few times. It could help the budding artist in you. Everyone is a winner—while you don’t win anything per say—winners do get their name out there to millions of people online and it is beneficial as a free marketing tactic for you, especially if you are a working artist!

If you don’t want to draw any of the daily challenge hashtags from the prompts given, just share any of your favorite mermaid artists drawings, during the entire month of May and support friends online who are doing the drawing (note, if you do this, only your friend can win)!

The Mermay Challenge is meant to be an artistic celebration of creativity and mermaids! This challenge is meant to encourage anyone and everyone who appreciates fine art, as well as the beautiful mythological creature, the mermaid!

Mermaid art challenges are inspired by hashtag ‘prompt’ words

As you can see, there are so many different kinds of mermaid art that can be made and loved by many people from all different cultures. Based on these different words of inspiration or ‘prompts’ (hashtag words; like the list below) given each may, artists and art lovers will always find a way to create and share some seriously unique mermaids in water scenes and other interesting settings for everyone to appreciate online via Instagram!

Each year there will be interesting prompts to peak your imagination and come up with an awesome mermaid masterpiece!

2020 #MerMay Challenge Prompts:

  • May 1 – #Celebration
  • May 2 – #Warrior
  • May 3 – #Sunset
  • May 4 – #StarWars
  • May 5 – #Royalty
  • May 6 – #Tsunami
  • May 7 – #Tranquil
  • May 8 – #Heroic
  • May 9 – #BestBuddy
  • May 10 – #Ashamed
  • May 11 – #Outcast
  • May 12 – #Fury
  • May 13 – #Alien
  • May 14 – #Adrift
  • May 15 – #Rescued
  • May 16 – #Deity
  • May 17 – #Crustacean
  • May 18 – #Wreckage
  • May 19 – #Wrath
  • May 20 – #Ancestors
  • May 21 – #Futuristic
  • May 22 – #Ablaze
  • May 23 – #SirenSong
  • May 24 – #Treasure
  • May 25 – #Shark
  • May 26 – #Shore
  • May 27 – #Punk
  • May 28 – #Bestial
  • May 29 – #Orphan
  • May 30 – #Pirate
  • May 31 – #SmartPhone

Mermay 2020 Art contest rules

It is really simple, do a drawing or painting and use the right hashtags. Here, follow these rules below!

Steps to be part of the MerMay Challenge:

  1. Make art work that is original
  2. Make sure you aren’t copying a famous art work or someone else’s art that is mermaid oriented or a picture, drawing, or painting that is copyrighted
  3. Then, once you’re done your art, you must hashtag your art, give it a title if you want and post via your Instagram page (see hashtags below to use)
  4. On the last day in May you will find out if you won the content; 5 prizes will be given out to the winners!

While you can post on different social media sites, but only Instagram posts will qualify for the contest. The artwork can be your own made-up mermaid or scene with a mermaid and the prompt can be used as a guide. It doesn’t have to be based off of the Official Prompt List. The judging and winners will be announced at midnight on the 31st.

Know these different hashtags for the contest

Submitting your art work daily you need to use #MadeWithWacom #MerMay and #WacomMerMay2020. These should be posted in your post captions for each piece submitted into the contest. The judging will be compiled throughout May but judged on May 31st 0th by a panel of artists and non-artists pre-selected by MerMay creator Tom Bancroft.

Mermay Challenge origins

The Mermay Challenge was created by a gentleman by the name of Tom Bancroft. Tom Bancroft is a 30 year veteran in the film and animation world! He has designed various Disney characters such as young Simba, Pocahontas, Iago, and the character he is most notable for creating, Mushu from the movie Mulan.

Mr. Bancroft has also worked as an animator on famous Disney films such as Beauty and the Beast, Trail Mix-Up, Aladdin and The Lion King! He is an avid lover of the arts, and his resume certainly speaks for itself.

Tom himself created this challenge from his own Instagram web page to bring the art community together as one. It has become quite a sensation since then! So, head on over to Tom Bancroft’s Instagram page and have a look as May is rapidly approaching! @tombancroft1

What can you win from doing The Mermay Challenge?

While there aren’t cash prizes, you can still win some cool things, and if you truly take your art seriously and want to see art or get an internship or job—adding that you won this contest can be a perk on your resume, or for finding new fans of your work—especially if you are really into a mermaid and other mythical creatures in your art work!

Prizes for winners of MerMay 2020:

  • Grand Prize- Wacom Cintiq 22 and an original drawing from Tom Bancroft
  • Second- Wacom One creative pen display
  • Third- Wacom One creative pen display
  • Fourth- Wacom One creative pen display
  • Fifth- Tom Bancroft prize pack of a book, prints, and stickers

Countries who can participate in MerMay each year:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Latin America (except Venezuela)
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Republic of Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Iceland
  • Norway
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