Huevember: What Is Huevember and Why You Should Participate

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Huevember is a month long, color driven art challenge. Participants are challenged to create an art piece each day highlighting the hue-of-the-day as the prominent color.

If you are looking for a way to amp up your creative juices, joining Huevember will expand your color palette, challenge you to create every day, and allow you to get your creative juices flowing.

What Is Huevember

Huevember is a month long art challenge that runs during the month of November. The brainchild of Mattieu Daures, a freelance animator, Huevember was created in 2014.

The main goal of the challenge is to motivate artists to create a new piece every day for a month. Additionally, you learn about working with colors that may not be in your wheelhouse allowing you to stretch your comfort zone.

However, the most important part of the challenge is to have fun.

The Rules of Huevember

This self-paced, non-judged challenge has only a few simple rules:

  • Create one drawing per day
  • Use one main hue per day
  • Create in any medium

Artists are encouraged to add as many other colors as needed to create their piece, as long as the hue-of-the-day is the predominant color.

The daily color hue is the jumping off point for your artwork, you are free to change the value and saturation of the color.

How To Participate

It’s easy to participate, there is no sign-up form or major declaration required. Just start creating. Joining artists from around the world can give you a sense of community. You may just find your next inspiration coming from a fellow participant.

A major key to success is to choose a theme for your creations. It can be something that stretches your comfort zone or hones a skill. By planning your daily creations ahead of time, you can achieve an overall cohesive theme. Pre planning also gives you a chance to ponder your designs and get your creativity flowing.

The goal at the end is to meld your months work on a color wheel where you should have a cohesive, gradient collection.

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This Huevember 2020 wheel by @lindenpaints is a gorgeous example of what you could add to your artistic repertoire over the course of the month long process. Imagine how great that will look in your portfolio!

Mark Your Calendar

It’s time to start thinking about your theme and medium for next year. What do you want your personal challenge to be?

  • Trying a new medium
  • Viewing a subject with a new eye
  • Exploring new process
  • Creating art daily
  • Investigating a new ______ (fill in the blank)

As you create, be sure to share your work via social media using the hashtag #Huevember, you will be in amazing creative company. To get your creative juices flowing, check out the hashtag feed for some great inspiration.

Mark your calendar now for the next Huevember which begins November 1st. Time to start brainstorming your theme.

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