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1203S French Curve Sets – 22,000 Views/year

Kearing 1203S french curve set of 3, inking edge on both sides. The french curve comes with dual inking edges to ensure smudge-free and concise curves. This allows use of pencil and technical pen on both sides of the French curve without worrying about bleeding of ink on paper. This french curve is an ideal tool for drawing irregular curves.

Kearing Aluminum Curve Rulers – 14,000 Views/year

Kearing aluminum curve rulers, aviation quality aluminum material from Aircraft wings for making the rulers. Flexible, durable and never shape change. 1.5mm thickness! Ideal for professional pattern making, at home or at school. Always Used for lapel, elbow, skirt, slack, trouser or anywhere a special contour is needed.

PM1300 French Curve Ruler – 5219 Views/year

Kearing PM1300 French Curve Ruler, made from durable plastic ( orange color ). The rate of transparency allows to see the drawing medium below template for easy positioning. Providing the most common shapes that are required to create any desired image. This template is great for architects builders, electrician, interior designers, engineers, students, design colleges.

Kearing Flexible Curve Ruler – 2620 Views/year

Kearing flexible curves hold their shape well and are easily adjustable. They are graduated in both inches and centimeters and have a vinyl casing that won’t discolor or decompose with age. They feature a raised edge for smudge-free ink ruling and two offset edges for precision ruling.

Kearing Grading Ruler & Cuve Ruler – 2009 Views/year

Kearing 8097 ruler ( 24” & 60cm ), and 3250 curve ruler, you can learn how to use the ruler for pattern making here. These 2 rulers should be the most useful and popular grading ruler for fashion designer, sewing quilting lover, and students.

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