Top 10 Sewing Tools in Kearing for Year 2022

The year 2021 is coming to an end soon, here we are making a list for the top 10 best selling Kearing sewing tools for your reference. All these items were being selected by worldwide sewing enthusiasts, fashion designer, and quilters, so maybe it could also be a nice guide and recommendation for beginners who do sewing or quilting business, such as the sewing machine center, quilting shop, or classroom, etc.

Let’s get started to see the best selling sewing tools you can have or resell for 2022!

NO.1 – Water Erasable Pen

This erasable pen’s sale quantity kept increasing every year during the past 20 years in Kearing, it is a perfect marking tool for sewing, quilting or crafting projects. Highly recommend it for you all!

Kearing Blue Bold Tip Water Erasable Pen

NO.2 – Air Erasable Pen

The markings will auto vanishing after a period of time, also can be erased immediately by Kearing Eraser Marker, or wash off. If you or your client have any special requirement for its auto vanishing time such as 24 hours, 3 days or 7 days, Kearing is also able to help adjust ink formula to change the time!

Kearing Violet Bold Tip Air Erasable Pen

No.3 – DIY Fabric Marker

In the past 2 years, this DIY fabric markers’ sales increased sharply due to the increased demands of DIY face masks. All ladies and children were happy to do DIY projects when staying at home due to the covid-19 lock-down quarantine – drawing funny animals or DIY words on their fabric face mask is definitely a good idea and happy hour for parents spent their time with kids!

Kearing Permanent DIY Fabric Marker 12 colors

NO.4 – IRON ON Transfer Pens

The DIY IRON-ON transfer pen is also well known as sublimation marker. This style marker is suitable for transfer images from paper either to fabrics or mugs by hot ironing. The transferred images is lightfast, waterproof, long-lasting and oxidation resistant. Its Google trends also rised sharply in year 2021.

Kearing IRON-ON DIY Sublimation Marker 12 colors

NO.5 – UV Invisible Pen

The ink is invisible after you write with it, unless you use UV light to see the secret message perfectly.
Permanent markings for quality inspection and secret marking, suitable writing on textile, paper, plastic, wall, shoes, etc… Writings proof against normal washing or boiling.

Kearing Permanent UV Invisible Pen

NO.6 – Clear Plastic French Curve

It is one of the most pupular fashion design ruler in Europe, especially the France market. The rate of transparency allows to see the drawing medium below template for easy positioning. Providing the most common shapes that are required to create any desired image.

This template is great for architects builders, electrician, interior designers, engineers, students, design colleges.

Kearing French Curve PM1311

NO.7 – 50cm Grading Ruler

It is the most popular grading ruler on the market, it has been sandwich printed between two pieces of plastic so that the numbers do not rub off. A transparent ruler allows you to see your project under the ruler for accurate positioning and marking. A perfect tool to increase or decrease the size of a pattern!

Kearing 8001 Plastic Pattern Grading Ruler 50cm

NO.8 – 60cm Grading Ruler

If you are scheduling a bigger sewing project, then it would be better to choose this longer straight pattern grading ruler with 60cm measurement. It would be much more useful and helpful!

Kearing 8005 Plastic Pattern Grading Ruler 60cm

NO.9 – 24” Grading Ruler

This 24” grading ruler is one of the best selling fashion design ruler for United States market, it is also the one which being selected by all user in global market who are familiar with traditional imperial rules. So if you are considering selling sew tools & supplies to North America market, it is definately a good choice!

Kearing 8248 Plastic Pattern Grading Ruler 24”

NO. 10 – Flexible Curve Ruler

It is ideal for measuring curved seams and designing curved quilt border patterns. Curve ruler adjusts quickly from one shape to another and easily fits on a drawing board. Easy to adjust to desired shape, holds shape for accurate drawings, convenient inking edges for pen and marker use, exceptionally flexible made of vinyl that will not discolor or decompose with age!

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