Tips for Quilting with Kids

For every quilter, it must be a great thing to share their quilting joy and fun with kids. Sometimes maybe we have to wait until our kids grow up or at least old enough to use scissor and needles, and then teach them how to sew, how to quilt a project by themselves. But it never be a bad thing to teach our kids some basic skills even if they are still a child, it is enjoyable and meaningful to let them know how to quilt their dream by own hands. Here let’s see how to lead our kids for quilting in a better way.

Never Force It

For either new beginners or experienced quilters, it is always a time-consuming thing to do quilt even if the project is quite simple. So never think to force your kids to do this work with a high requirement, never push it, just be careful and take good care of your kids during the process of any small quilting project. The most important thing is never try to finish the work in the fastest way, it is enjoying the process and train kids patience and attention.

Follow Kids’ Own Interest

We can give a list of quilt project ideas to kids, but this is just for their reference. They can make their own decision and choose the one he or she really like to go ahead with. What we should do is just give them the guidance and teach them how to quilt, in this way they can value it and regard this project as their own business, so will never easily give up even if feeling boring or unhappy with kinds of headache problems during the quilting process.

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Start with a Nice Sewing Machine

Sewing machine is always a must to have tool for every one who loves sewing, quilting or crafting. So it is never too early to recommend a sewing machine to your kids even if they are only 5 or 6 years old. The sewing machine for kids is simple and easy to operate, there is no necessary to teach kids everything about the sewing machine’s feature and functions, just tell them basic knowledge like how to use the presser foot and what is the bobbin, how to control speed with pedal, and what is the seam allowance, etc.
Further more, remind kids to keep their fingers away from the needle all the time.

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Quilting by Hand or Machine

Do quilting work by hand or a sewing machine, it is always a question asked by different new beginners. Actually either way is okay and enjoyable. If you like doing things efficiently, then just teach your kid to work with a sewing machine – they must be happy and exciting! Meanwhile, hand-quilting is never a old fashion style, you can enjoy the time and funny process with kids in a quiet environment, and it is a better way to train kids to learn quilting skillfully.

Quilting Projects Recommendation

Pillows – every little baby and child should love their pillow, as it is their partner to sleep with almost every day. Kids will show great interest and ideas to quilt their own pillow and it is easier to get start with such small size item instead of a full-sized bed quilt.
Dolls – beautiful dolls are a little bit competitive as a quilt project for child, but it is also meaningful and enjoyable if child can finish it successfully with the assistance with parents.
Mug Placemats – quilted mug placemat is very simple and easy to start with for new quilters, so let’s make it together with our kids and they must will be confident once make it smoothly.


Just Enjoy and Relax

Last but not least, quilting is really a craft which comings with precision, accuracy and perfection. So just enjoy and keep relax when do it with kids, maybe the quilts finally we get is useless or worthless after long time working, but it is never a problem. It is not about quilt, it is the time, the happiness, the communication, the thoughts we are bringing to our kids! Enjoy!

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