The Best Flexible Curve for Drawing Curve Lines

The flexible curve ruler is always a Must Have Tool for fashion desinger, crafter and artists, etc… they almost use it everything during their projects like drawing sketches, clothes patterns, or create needle point borders. The flexible curve can provide a contoured curve smoothly. It is surely very difficult if you are trying to draw consistent curves directly by hand, but it would be definately efficient and simple to use a flexible curve! This smart tool can easily be molding into kinds of shapes like waves, circle, ‘’ S’’ Shape or anything else you are thinking!

Kearing brand flexible curves is a good choice, there are difference size for you!

36-inch / 90 cm Measuring Flexible Curve

With this 36-inch flexible curve ruler, you can easily find and create the absolutely exact consistent curves you need. Flexible curves from Kearing are exclusively ‘’ FREE OF LEAD ‘’ and body – friendly raw materials, light-weight curve ruler convenient to carry during daily work, and it is also heavy enough to keep the shape during drawing process. This 36-inch ruleer is long enough help you for large projects and you don’t need keep reposition this ruler, it shows inch and centimeters clearly on each side for easy measuring. As an alternatice choice for tape measures, this Kearing flexible curve must will be your good partner!


30-inch & 75 cm / 20-inch & 50 cm Flexible Ruler

If you are preparing for a medium project, this 30-inch flexible curve ruler is surely a perfect choice to help get your curves under control. Of course the 20 inch ruler is also long enough for giving a consistent straight or curved line, it works much better as a remarkable tool for pattern making and sewing patterns. It is strong enough to keep straight until you bend it! This portable ruler is more conveniently to bend into any shapes you like and hold it in place to draw or cut around the curve. It also clearly marks inches and centimeters on each side, and its outside edges are offset giving a precise measuring parts for marking pens.

flexible bendy ruler

16-Inch & 40 cm / 12-Inch & 30 cm Flexible Curve

For smaller sizes, Kearing is also providing 16 inch ruler, or even you can also try the 12 inch flexible curve. Both of these 2 small rulers can meaure tight curvatures as small as 1/16 inches. They will never spring back into a looser curve during your project. You can either use it for measuring centimeters, or inch projects. Such as measuring the necklines, armholes, just bend it to the curve and put it on paper to copy drawing your pattern. This small tool can assist you working better, easier, and smarter for kinds of architectural plans.

24-inch / 60 cm Flexible Dendy Cure Ruler

Although the common tool designers always use is still the measuring tape, wooden ruler, this Kearing’s 24 inch flexible bendy ruler is surely an ideal tool for fashion design patterns, drawing, measuring projects. It is double sided use and its ‘’ LEAD FREE ‘’ core is also strong enough to keep the shape you bend it without spring back to be straight. You can simply draw a straight line, then bend the ruler for a curve line, and bend it back straight for a line again without using any other types measuring tools, it will definately save your time and energy.


So whatever your project maybe, I think you can surely select a suitable size flexible curve from Kearing company, it will help you in a smart way. For large project you can choose 36 inch ruler, for medium project you can choose 30 inch or 20 inch size, and for small project, 12 inch or 16 inch ruler should be a smart choice. All these Kearing rulers are made by lead free core, covering with durable vinyl plastic material for long time guarantee! Hopefully this small flexible curve ruler can be a trustable project tool during your daily work!

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