The Basic Sewing Supplies for Beginners

As a beginner, which type sewing supplies should I choose? Any good particular brands as recommendation? If you love sewing & quilting and ready to start this journey, we Kearing are happy to be here giving you a list of basic set of sewing tools you can prepare in your study kit. It roughly includes the tailor scissors, seam ripper, measuring tapes, sewing gauge, yard stick, fabric marker, thread & sewing needles, pattern notcher, cutting mat & rotary cutter, and acrylic quilting ruler.

Tailor Scissor

Made from the premium galvanized manganese steel for lasting sharpness. This tailor shear includes a body – friendly handle for protection from drops or handle breakage. An aggressive offset handle design keeps hands above cutting materials. Bolt lock technology prevent blades from loosening to ensure precision cutting.
The high quality tailor shear perfectly cut heavy fabric such as canvas, drapery and clothing.

Seam Rippers

The seam ripper is good for ripping out seams and stitches without damaging the fabric, remove useless clothing tags, or some sewing, you can use this tool to remove them. It is really a necessity for each family.
The seam cutter comes with a clear cap, can protect your hand when you carry it. Made of good quality metal and plastic, they are sharp, and a red round mini ball at the end of the smaller fork for protecting your fabric.

Measuring Tapes

The fiberglass durable measuring tapes are great for measuring body, fabric tape measure, tailor, sewing, handcraft, cloth and more, easy to carry, flexible and portable, wear resistant. They have inch and centimeter system, one size is Inch calibration, another size is centimeter calibration, clear scale, the scales are definitely accurate. Great for measuring odd-shaped & irregular objects. Colorful tapes with easy-to-read black markings, it will not be out-of shape after long-term use. Either economy type or luxuary keychain type measuring tapes available for choice!

Sewing Gauge

Small multi-purpose metal ruler with point turner and sliding right-angle marker that stays in place for repeated marking. Easily for measuring buttonholes, seam allowance, hems on patterns.
The sewing sliding gauge features delicate work, smooth surface and edge, the sliding gauge can slide smoothly,
double sided scales allow you to get the accurate measurement and no need to change.

Yard Stick 36” & 100cm

Kearing selected hardwood carefully and make sure every wood ruler we are making with a multiple-coats of clear lacquer finish for durability, the ruler’s flat surface without any crack & wood knot.
This 100cm length wood meter stick also shows imperial measuring 36 inches, the edges are stright and true making measuing a breeze. Numbers and graduations are sharply delineated, it also has holes for easy suspension.
A perfect classical measuring tool for school, crafting, and sewing.

Fabric Marking Tools

Kearing provides diffrent type erasable fabric markers for sewing, quilting & crafting temporary marking purpose. If you need markings auto vanishing in a short time, Kearing Air Erasable Pens ( pink & violet ) is a good choice; if you don’t need markings disappear automatically but need remove it easily by water when project finish, Kearing Water Erasable Pen ( blue & white ) is a good choice; If you need marking lines only disappear by high temperature hot ironing, you can also choose Kearing brand white marking pens for your sewing project.

Thread & Sewing Needles

Nowadays you can easily find a sewing thread store in every city, so you have many choices – but just make sure don’t got lost when facing with these hundreds of types sewing threads, for sewing beginners a small collection of all purpose sewing threads would be perfectly for most of your sewing projects. The thread needs be strong and high tensile strength with a smooth finish will note fray easily, also keep in mind to make sure the thread color can be as closely as possible to your fabrics & clothes, or at least you can choose neutral color like white, tan or gray.
For sewing needles, we suggest to buy a pack of needles with different sizes and types. Based on our experience, size 7 is a Must-have size in your sewing kit, good for all types sewing project such as heavy denim, find silks, etc.

thread sewing needles

Cutting Mat & Rotary Cutter

A self healing cutting mat is also very useful during the sewing project, you can choose different sizes cutting mats depends on your requirement. 36’’ * 24’’ size mat would be a good choice for long cuts & measuring of fabric. Just keep in mind please carefully store it flat and don not put anything other sewing supplies on top of it. For beginners of sewing or patchwork quilting, we recommend 45mm blade Rotary Cutter, it can perfectly speed up your process and allows you to get accurate cuts. You can easily search them on Amazon and you can buy one set today.

Rotary Cutter

Acrylic Clear Ruler

For making long and straight cuts with a acrylic ruler, we recommend Kearing brand 24” * 6” acrylic quilting ruler, it is a handy size for patchwork and quilting, for use with a rotary cutter for cutting strips and marking angles, diagonal 30, 45 and 60 degree angles are marked for left-hand or right-hand use, clear acrylic with clear markings in black and yellow. Its unique Non-slip design is perfect for work on fabric, and you can also see through the clear ruler during project!

Pattern Notcher

A pattern notcher is a tool for punching out a section on a pattern to indicate seam allowance. Made of stainless steel polishing with nickle and extreme sharpness in blade. Cuts 1/4″ x 1/16″ marking through pattern tag board paper, notches are used to align pattern pieces for assembly.
A essential & convenient tool to ensure accurate making with your pattern key points.

Hope above items are helpful for you, and now you are ready to sew!
Should you have any other questions or demands for other sewing supplies, feel free to contact Kearing team, we are pleased to answer your questions or guide you to the sewing store near you! As we Kearing company are located in Shanghai China, we are prefer to guide you to our distributor or dealer’s shop in your country to save your time and cost for buying this basic sewing kit!

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