Tailor Scissor VS Rotary Cutter

Tailor’s scissor VS Rotary cutter, which one you use more frequently ?

Cutting fabric is always the last and most important step when we finally refine a pattern to perfection after several days, so it is really worthful to spend time selecting a suitable cutting tool before going ahead, no one is willing to see their own hard-working pattern designs end up getting distorted and pulled due to using a wrong cutting tool.

Here are some basic tips for all sewing enthusiasts and new beginners, although we understand it is quite a personal habit and choice when selecting a cutting tool, still hope it could be a little bit helpful for you.

Tailor Scissor

Tailor scissor, the most popular and traditional cutting tool, someone also call it the tailor shears for scissors with large size. Take good care of a pair of scissor is worthful, just keep in mind to sharpen them regularly, oil the joint regularly, and never drop scissor on their point! You can use the tailor scissor as long as you want for sewing, quilting, crafting, etc. Another important tip is alwaying getting scissor with right weight for you, it is not a good feeling and experience when using a heavy cutting scissor and your wrist will easily tired after short time, this is why nowadays many sewing tailors still prefer buying their scissors from a local shop instead of shopping on Amazon, it is very important to test the scissor’s weight all by themselves.

Further more, never use the scissor without actually cutting the fabrics, it is also not good to use a sewing fabric tailor scissor to cut paper or cardboard, both of them are a quick way to blunt the blade.

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Rotary Cutter

When using tailor scissors, it is always a small headache problem when cutting right into corner or cutting small notches. We could neither press it light nor press it heavy, fabrics can not be cut off smoothly if pressing it too light, it is also easily cut too far into the fabric if you accidently press it a little bit heavy. So here maybe the small ideal ratory cutter will be helpful, which also comes with different size replaceable cutting blades within plastic handle. The most popular size is 45MM for the rotary cutter, and it is a great tool for fabrics like jerseys or silks which always easily slide around.

As recommendation, it is a good experience to use rotary cutter together with a self-healing cutting mat, it will support you a smoothly and worry-free cutting process on the cutting mat which will also give a full protection for your desk surface.

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Someone love the rotary cutter, while someone prefer using the tailor scissor, actually we can not say which one is absolutely the best to go ahead with. They should be a partner for sewing projects, and you’d better to prepare both tailor scissor and rotary cutter on the desk, they will help you efficiently with their own advantage once you use them correct.

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