Story of Kearing Hot Ironing Ruler

Remember when rulers for sewing and quilting were all made by ordinary rigid plastic or simple fabric materials?

None of them could really meet the rising demand of DIY hot ironing projects, as transparent plastic rulers were not heat resistant, while on the other hand, fabric rulers could tolerate the heat of a steam ironing press, but they were not see-through tools. As he had to face this knotty problem, Jason – Kearing’s founder – decided to create an entirely new type of ruler. He spent more than a year testing all sorts of materials and rulers, but eventually, the right inspiration seemed to come straight from the sky: a plastic material that could equal the resilience of an astronaut’s helmet, the quality of which must be exceptional, incredibly heat-resistant. From this unprecedented idea, he smoothly developed Kearing’s resin plastic Hot Ironing Ruler, a product that rapidly encountered widespread success in the following years.

Kearing ruler

Kearing hot ironing ruler, also call hot ruler, hot hemmer, ironing ruler, etc. They are ideal for measuring and pressing tasks such as home dec, long hems, deep hems, large mitered coners. Making it perfect for nowadays’ trends of ruffles, purse straps, pillow cases, full skirts and more. We designed it to be with a perfect size right in front of you, you can use the Kearing Hot Rulers to measure, fold and press long hems, binding and more. Simply fold the fabric over the edge, match to the size needed and press. You can also use it for deep hems, measure up from the edge, make a mark. For tight spaces, like a narrow pant leg, use the narrow edge of the hot ruler to measure, fold and press.

5 Best Hot Ironing Rulers from Kearing

#HR2010 Kearing 20cm Hot Ironing Ruler

20 * 10 CM

#HR2010-S, Kearing 20cm Hot Ironing Ruler

HR2010 S
20 * 10 CM

#HR3010, Kearing 30cm Hot Ironing Ruler

30 * 10 CM

#HR-1005, Kearing 10 inch Hot Ironing Ruler

10 * 5 INCH

#HR-10025, Kearing 10 inch Hot Ironing Ruler

HR 10025
10 * 2.5 INCH

Today Kearing owns exclusive patents for this tool, including its raw material, technology, design, and package style. No wonder that lately more and more competitors are trying to emulate our irreplaceable ruler, with cheaper materials and countless defective items being sold on the market. Nonetheless, we are totally certain that global distributors & retailers will keep choosing the real thing, directly contacting us to become an authorized reseller of Kearing’s hot ironing ruler, as any imitation not only will be prosecuted, but undoubtedly it will not have a long-term future, neither in our industry nor in the global market.

Here let’s learn how to use the Kearing hot ironing ruler for DIY project, enjoy ~

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