Step by Step Guide to Make a Lovely Quilts

This lovely quilt is a new design created based on the traditional elements – star & square, which loved and used by many quilters and sewing enthusiastics in the past decades. It is also a good choice for all beginers, here we step forward and make it a little bit complex, which looks more brightly and beautiful when put together with the square patterns. Now let’s see the details!

Fabric Color Choice & Size Cutting

2 1
3 1

Star Patterns

4 1
5 1

Sew 1/4” seam allowance and cut it off from middle line

6 1

Open and IRON ON the fabric

7 1

Cut the square fabric with exact size 3 inch

8 1
9 1

Sew 1/4” seam allowance, cut off from middle part

10 1

Fold the triangle parts and IRON ON the fabric again

11 1

Add anther square fabric, sew from middle line with 1/4” size and Cut again

12 1
13 1

Open the rectangular fabric and cut it again with exact size 5-1/2”

14 1
15 1

Combine them together as below:


Sew Together:


Square Patterns


Quilt 2 different fabric straps together as below:


Cut and sew them one by one, then put them together on the cutting mat:


Sew together:


Finish other type patterns and combine them all together as below:


Adding black 1-1/2” size strapes on the sides:


Adding another 4-1/2” wide strapes on the outside:



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