Slotted Cutting Rulers Make You Better at Quilt Fabric Cutting

For every quilting new beginner, it is never an easy thing to cut fabric smoothly. We always have trouble keeping the ruler stay on the table firmly all the time and cut alignment lines smoothly. The rotary cutter always veers off course or end up too narrow or wide when cutting straight or square fabrics. As an alternative choice for traditional patchwork quilting rulers, below 2 slotting cutting rulers could be helpful!

The first one is 6.5 inch Slotted Cutting Ruler

It is made by 3mm thickness clear acrylic plastic material, we use with a rotary cutter and cutting mat for cutting strips, squares, diamands, triangles, etc. 1/2” slot increments for cutting strips, cut multiple layers of fabric quickly and accurately. After cutting strips turn ruler to complete squares triangles diamonds and hexagons.


The second one is 18 inch Slotted Cutting Ruler

It is much bigger, so we made it by 4mm thickness clear acrylic plastic material. 1/2” slot increments for cutting strips, cut multiple layers of fabric quickly and accurately. Cut A5 size strips rotate ruler 90° and sub-cut for A5 charm squares. It is more convenient to use and suitable for big quilting projects.


They both work in the same basic way: you lay your fabric on your cutting mat and align the ruler on top, then put your rotary cutter blade in the measured slots in the ruler to cut strips or squares, quickly and precisely. You can use either of these rulers to cut your own strip sets, five-inch charm packs, ten-inch layer cake packs, and other shapes. The slots in the rulers guide your rotary cutter and make your cuts turn out perfectly. The rulers also make cutting much faster because you don’t have to reposition your ruler after each cut. Neither one is cheap, but the only faster and more accurate way to cut is to use a die-cutting machine like the Accuquilt, which costs hundreds of dollars.

If you use metric measurement for patchwork quilting, below 2 rulers could be a solution!

KCR4530 – 45 * 30 cm Slotted Cutting Ruler

KCR2020 – 20 * 20 cm Slotting Cutting Ruler


Kearing company is a producer of patchwork quilting rulers, and we design and produce the new style slotted cutting ruler. We envision a future where affordable but top-quality, durable and reliable quilting tools can inspire and nurture everyone’s creativity, providing the perfect tools to express themselves, their passion for beauty, their professionalism, or their fervent desire to craft a perfect world their own way.

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