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Quilts was loved by global women as an anti-cold artifact, however with the development of the times, the role of quilting gradually changed from practical to decorative.
Patchwork & Quilting – it is a process of stitching together small pieces fabrics with certain shape, which already develop from waste fabric recycling to artistic creation. It has been not only a normal product in daily life, but also become a LIFE ART with great ornamental and aesthetic value.

2 quilt pattern

Actually there are also many lovely stories behind every quilt patterns we admire in our daily life, which could be regarded as the the commemoration of history and the crystallization of people’s creativity.

Here let’s enjoy some types quilt patterns and their stories:


Basket, it was one of the must to have tool in every family in American Pioneer Era.
Ladies enjoy fulfill the basket with various of flowers, vegetables, fresh breads, etc…
In the field of patchwork, there are also various designs of basket graphics, including fruit baskets and flower baskets. The position and thickness of the handle can also be changed according to personal preference.

3 Flower Basket

Eight Pointed Star

The eight-pointed star is also known as the star of friendship or the star of remembrance. This pattern comes from the United States. There was a saying that this eight-pointed star pattern was frequently used in churches and societies to express blessings to women who were about to marry. People use their own fabrics to spliced out an eight-pointed star, embroidered the name in the middle, and then spliced it into a big quilt and share this to their valued friend, which is absolutely gathered with huge blessings.

From the early begining, quilting was a popular social event for girls to meet and share their skills, ideas, which was a great way to build and improve their relationship.

4 eight pointed star

Grandmother’s Fan

The grandmother’s fan has an oriental impression design and was widely used as a patchwork pattern along with the Art Pop decorations of 1920-1930.

5 grandmother fan

Honey Bee

This pattern shows the busy situation of four little bees united together.
There is a nine-square grid in the middle, the four corners represent the head of the bee, the wings and the body are sewn on the patch, the wings are another color, and the two colors are matched.

It is a scene that symbolizes the workers team up and hard-working spirit.

6 Bee

Okay is there any type quilt patterns here you also like? Just feel free to share your comments and follow us on Facebook & Instagram, Kearing account is @kearing1995.

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