Rulers for Adjusting Sewing Patterns

If you are considering to make or design an unique clothes or modify sewing patterns in your own way, below three Kearing fashion design rulers should be a perfect choice for your project! They are all easy see through plastic ruler with accuracy measuring & numbers for drawing lines or fitting and altering sewing & garments patterns.

  • #PM6503, Kearing Styling Design Ruler
  • #6112, Kearing 12’’ Plastic Curve Ruler
  • #6324, Kearing 24’’ Stick Curve Ruler

Now let’s see how to make unique sewing pattern adjustments with them:

Actually either one among these three rulers can be used separately to make line measurements or adjustments, and we can also use them together in a better way to do a variety of complementary adjustments during fashion design project.


Styling Design Ruler

This is a rigid acrylic plastic multi purpose ruler with all featured functions, we can use it for necklines, armholes, sleeve caps or hip curve measuring. When taking a closer look at the markings on curve and straight edge, we can see its 29 inch curve line size and 16 inch straight ruler, so it is not only a french curve and hip curve, but also a straight ruler with cut-out slots. It can be used for lowering or raising the armhole, and increase or decrease the waist of a skirt. Except this type basic skills, we can also use it for increasing or decreasing shoulder width of armhole and shortening a bodice. This Kearing styling design ruler should be an essential tool for either beginner & enthusiasts or expert & specialists.


12’’ Plastic Curve Ruler

This is one of the most popular and basic imperial curve rulers, this small ruler is perfect for adjusting armholes, necklines and many more curve parts. It is made by flexible plastic with sandwich line printings, never rub off during daily usage for changing the shape of size of a collar, or adjust pockets or neckline. It is also helpful to adjust the croth curve in a pair of pants or decrease the sleeve cap. A transparent ruler allows you to see your project under the ruler for accurate positioning and marking.


24’’ Hip Curve Ruler

If you are designing a well-fitting skirt or pair of trousers, this hip curve ruler is a perfect tool as it boasts a long graceful curve edge, it is great for accuracy and quick reading during fashion design. We can use it to change the placement or shape of pattern lines, such as increasing or decreasing the hip and waist area of a skirt & trousers.

In order to complete the sewing patterns adjustment project perfectly, we recommend using these 3 rulers together to create the single project makes perfect sense. You can collect them as one set as they are all multiple rulers to draw wonderful style lines. For new armhole and shoulders, for increasing width of side seam, for new hem edge, etc… We believe you must will be able to find more possibilities when do it by yourself!

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