Quilts – The Flower of Domes

Hello friends in quilting and sewing, here we like to share you a new style quilting and its making process. The flower of domes, is assembled by types of triangle and circle ring shaped fabrics. It’s quite easy to do and meaningful. You can spend time with parents or kids to work together for this lovely quilting project and we truely believe it would be valuable and memorable! This is a funny quilt and come on let’s do it!

First of all, let’s print out the simple pattern design from computer, or just draw one by handwriting – as you see it is not complex. Okay now we finish the original pattern design and let’s use a scissor to cut out each part.

sky quilt 2

With these perfect sized paper patterns, you can cut out all necessary small fabrics in a easier way. Just match each size paper patterns onto fabric, and cut it one by one.

sky quilt 3

As you can see from the photos, never forget the extra blank space on each piece fabric, which called seam allowance. They are so important and useful when you need to sew each piece together.

sky quilt 4
sky quilt 5

Same way for the first and fourth parts, and sew the together.

new sky quilt 6

Here it is! If you like, just go on to work out 3 more and combine them all together for a bigger size circle artwork!

sky quilt 7
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