Quilts – A New Life Style

From waste fabric recycling to artistic creation, patchwork quilting has become a part of citizen’s fashionable life!


Patchwork & Quilting –

it is a process of stitching together small pieces fabrics with certain shape, which already develop from waste fabric recycling to artistic creation. It has been not only a normal product in daily life, but also become a LIFE ART with great ornamental and aesthetic value.


By stitching various pieces of cloth and combining various handicrafts such as embroidery, weaving, and crocheting at will, you can make various decorations and items such as handbags, cushions, tapestries, and dolls. Because of this, quilt art is widely favored and has become part of the fashionable life of urbanites.


In medieval Europe, materials were scarce. Initially, the poor cut scraps, old clothes and curtains into pieces of cloth and spliced them into sheets, blankets and other necessities of life. With the rise of immigration, quilts spread to the American continent, and have been popularized and developed. In the early Americas, due to the needs of immigrants, the development of quilts was mainly practical.


The greatest and most popular year for quilting was roughly around 1870. After entering the 20th century, due to the continuous advancement of technology and the increase in employment opportunities for women, quilting, a purely manual skill, gradually declined. But fortunately since 1929, due to the worldwide economic panic and the sponsorship of many groups, there have been many quilting competitions with bonuses, so quilting has been resurrected. At the same time, people also created many new patterns through the competition.


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