Q & A for Surgical Skin Marker

What is skin marker ?

Skin marker is professional use for radiology research and doctor use, to mark on patients skin before or during surgical disease treatment! It mainly contains non-toxic, nonallergenic, and non-irritating gentian violet ink which is long-lasting, scrub-resistant, practically odourless. There is also a 6’’ plastic ruler included in the sterile sealed package bag with the skin marker.

Kearing skin marker
1.0mm fiber tip skin marker

Are surgical markers safe ?

Skin marking pens are classified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as Class 1 medical devices. According to FDA, Class 1 devices present minimal potential for harm.

Dual tip surgical skin marker

How to remove skin marker inks from skin ?

We can use the rubbing alcohol to remove skin marker inks from skin effectively. Just dip a cotton ball in the rubbing alcohol and wipe the markings on skin slightly several times until it is gone.

Are skin markers one time use ?

For patient safety reasons we recommend that surgical markers should be single use only.

Why are surgical marking pens purple ?

Gentian violet/purple has antiseptic properties and it has been used for over 100 years as the most common dye found in surgical skin markers. It is a triaryl-methane dye with a maximum absorbance at 590 nm,and appears as a blue-violet colour.


  1. Clean and dry the skin before treatment
  2. Use lodine to disinfect the skin and fix markings
  3. Use the dilute acid alcohol to remove the markings
  4. Do not use if sterile package bag is opened, damaged or wet
  5. Do not use one same marker on different patients to avoid possible infection
  6. Please test before use on the patients who are sensitive to gentian violet
  7. Keep stock in cool, open and dry conditions, away from corrosive gas
  8. Temperature: ≤40℃ ; Humidity: 30 – 80%
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