Kearing White Color Chalk Marking Pencil


7 inch pencil length, white color markings easily slapped off.

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Perfect for temporary marking in sewing, quilting, embroidery or craft projects. Colorful markings can be slapped off easily and quickly. Please pre-test on a scrap of fabric before using. This dressmaking chalk pencil is suitable for surface marking of cloth, fabric, paper, glass, timber, plastic, garment leather, cotton and so on, ideal for home or shop sewing and tailoring work. It is a hand-held marking pencils, which won’t stain your hands, easily leave sewing marks on the fabric, to help you make your sewing work more effectively. There are also pencil covers design for protecting the pen tip from breaking easily.

Lightweight wood – The wood material is light, soft and easy to cut
Thick quality lead – Custom thick lead, writing smooth – not easy to break
Round penholder – Round penholder for comfortable grip
Colorful markings – Blue color for light fabrics, white color for dark fabrics

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