Kearing IRON-ON DIY Sublimation Marker 12 colors

SKU: TP112

1.0mm fiber tip Easy-to-Use for DIY crafts.

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Draw DIY designs onto white paper with this IRON ON TRANSFER MARKER, make sure tracing images liberally and press firmly to ensure a good stamping when transfering onto fabric, mug, glass, wood and other materials.
The transferred images is lightfast, waterproof, long-lasting and oxidation resistant.
12 Regular colors in the package:
Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Violet, Brown, Pink, Magenta, Sky Blue, Dark Green

We also provide other Fluorescent Colors such as: Fl. red, Fl. green, Fl. orange, Fl. violet, Fl. sky blue, Fl. yellow

Note: The final image on the substance will be mirrored so the text on paper must be reversed!

iron on transfer markertransfer on cups


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