Kearing H8085 Pattern Grading Ruler with Holes 18”

SKU: H8085

18” length & 2” width standard size
1.2mm thick flexible plastic
Lightweight, clear ruler with sandwich printings
Micro holes special design for centering

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18” imperial plastic grading ruler, this ruler has been sandwich printed between two pieces of plastic so that the numbers do not rub off. Cyan color ruler allows you to see your project on dark fabric for accurate positioning and marking. With zero centering scale to measure equally left and right from a centered starting point, a perfect tool for assisting the user to increase or decrease the size of a pattern.

Enlarging Patterns:

To enlarge patterns on grids, draw a grid to match scale given with pattern.
Draw the same line in squares as corresponding squares in pattern.
Line up any grid line on ruler to pattern line to create parallel lines.
Use cross lines of grid to create perpendicular lines.

Drawing Circles:

Anchor ruler with thumb tack in center hole marked O.
Determine diameter of circle.
Divide that number in half and place pencil in corresponding hole.
Draw circle by rotating ruler like a compass.

Drawing Scallops:

Draw a base line.
Place center hole O on base line and secure with thumb tack.
Determine finished width of scallop and divide that number in half.
Place pencil in corresponding hole and draw scallops.

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