Kearing French Curve Ruler KIT


This set combines a diverse array of curves essential for tailoring and pattern design, empowering you to tackle even the most intricate traditional patterns with confidence and ease.

Included in the set are 8 different rulers, each carefully selected to serve specific purposes:

  • Hip Curve(Thin Waist) 60cm & 58cm
  • Hip Curve(Natural Waist) 63cm & 58cm
  • Armhole Curve 30cm & 20cm
  • Design Curve 60cm & 20cm
  • Jacket Curve 62cm & 60cm
  • Trouser’s Curve 35cm & 30cm
  • Neck Hole Curve 44cm & 30cm
  • Straight Meter Ruler 39″(100cm)
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Heavy-duty plastic fashion design rulers ( non-transparent ), lifetime guarantee!
This KIT could meet all your requirement for tools to create patterns during sewing, quilting, crafting project.
The French curves have wonderful curved heads that can be used to assist the drawing of armholes, hiplines and crotch lines. They also have curved guidelines and a grading grids. This set rulers are a necessity to any pattern maker.
Easily use these multi-purpose rulers to draft, design and alter patterns or any time curved or straight edge is needed.

Kearing FCS KIT





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