Kearing Dressmakers Tracing Paper Yellow/White

SKU: TP8257-2C

Yellow & white color tracing paper
Easy transfer patterns to sewing fabric
Use together with a tracing wheel
Color markings can be easily washed off

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Paper size: 82 × 57 cm ( 32” × 22-1/2” )

Place the cloth on the table (must be a hard and flat table top), and then place the tracing paper (the color side must be facing the cloth), put the transfer pattern paper, and can start to trace the pattern. (In the tracing process, the fabric, tracing paper, and drawings cannot be moved.)
Ideal for home or office use, great for art & craft projects, transferring drawings for paintings, watercolor transferring paper, transferring onto wood, cloth, cross-stitch, embroidery, etc.

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