Kearing A3 Self Healing Cutting Mat


A3 standard size 18”x12”
Non-slip mat 5 layers for long time using
For cutting paper, fabric, leather, vinyl & plastic
Self-healing surface absorbs cuts
Grid & angle lines for tracing & sew designs

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Product Description

Thanks to its unique 5-layer structure and virgin vinyl material, our cutting mat stands out with exceptional self-healing properties, unmatched resilience, and enduring durability. Even heavy hand-cutting tools won’t leave a mark on this resilient surface.

Designed for your ultimate comfort and functionality, our cutting mat features precise grids as well as guide lines at 30°, 45°, and 60°. Inch and centimeter graduates are meticulously printed on each side, with 1/8 inch hash marks for precise cutting, even in the most intricate tasks.

Craft with confidence, whether you’re a seasoned crafter, designer, or hobbyist. Our cutting mat’s non-glare surface ensures optimal visibility, while the comfortable hand-feel and stain-resistant features make it the ideal choice for all your cutting needs and even as a general-purpose work mat.

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