Kearing 5007A Sewing Gauge with Point Turner

SKU: 5007A

Aluminum, 7inch length
for marking hems, tucks, pleasts, buttonholes
With a slidng marker and point turner

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Small multi-purpose metal ruler with point turner and sliding right-angle marker that stays in place for repeated marking. Easily for measuring buttonholes, seam allowance, hems on patterns.
The sewing sliding gauge features delicate work, smooth surface and edge, the sliding gauge can slide smoothly,
double sided scales allow you to get the accurate measurement and no need to change.

Use point to gently push out corners on collars, lapels, cuffs, pockets and waistbands.
Use sliding marker to measure and mark hem depths, seam allowances, establish buttonhole spacing and length and to evenly space tucks and pleats. Use small hole in gauge and sliding marker as a compass when drawing circles. Place a straight pin in sliding marker hole and pivot by placing pencil point through gauge hole.

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