Blue Dressmaking Chalk Pencil with Cover Brush

Blue, white, pink colors available for temporary marking purpose.

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This dressmaking chalk pencil is suitable for surface marking of cloth, fabric, paper, glass, timber, plastic, garment leather, cotton and so on, ideal for home or shop sewing and tailoring work. It is a hand-held marking pencils, which won’t stain your hands, easily leave sewing marks on the fabric, to help you make your sewing work more effectively.
The markings left by the pencil are also easy to remove, just wash them with water or brush them by the attached brushes, bring much convenience for you. There are also pencil covers design for protecting the pen tip from breaking easily, and the attached brush can also help you to brush some items, making the fabric cleaner.

Material: wood and lead
Length: 8.5 cm/ 3.4 inches
Color: as picture shows


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