Kearing Imperial Hot Ironing Ruler

Hello Ladies, here we are so happy to recommend the new imperial style hot ironing rulers –  for everyone who love DIY quilting, now you got ultimate choices for either metric or imperial size rulers for your project! The Metric Kearing Hot Ironing Rulers bring us a GREAT successs in year 2020, hope we can team up again in next coming months… 

NEW ARRIVAL – 10” * 5” ( HR-1005 )


NEW ARRIVAL – 10” * 2.5” ( HR-10025 )


How to use the Hot Ironing Ruler ?

Put the ruler on your fabric. Fold over the fabric edge on top of the ruler and use the grid lines to position your hem accurately. Iron the hem without removing the ruler. Use the vertical gridlines to press quick mitered corners, or use the vertical lines for very deep hems. Now Remove the ruler – you can see a perfectly pressed and consistent hem!

Why choose Kearing brand Hot Ironing Ruler ?

Kearing’s rulers are made by durable resin plastic, it will never melt, warp or break in high temperature – giving a much longer quality guarantee time than regular nylone fabric style rulers. It is also thinner than nylone hot iron ruler, more accuracy and translucent design to enable see through when covering it during hot ironing process. It can be used with dry or steam iron, non-slip surface holds fabric firmly in place, perfect for your DIY quilting project!

The hot irong rulers are ideal for larger measuring and pressing tasks such as home dec, long hems, deep hems, large mitered coners. Making it perfect for nowadays’ trends of ruffles, purse straps, pillow cases, full skirts and more. Kearing imperial ruler size includes: 10” * 5”, and 10” * 2.5”, Not too big, and not too small, we designed it to be with a perfect size right in front of you, you can use the Kearing HR-10025 imperial ruler to measure, fold and press long hems, binding and more. Simply fold the fabric over the edge, match to the size needed and press. You can also use it for deep hems, measure up from the edge, make a mark. Number markings start at zero at the short edge, and go up to 10”. For tight spaces, like a narrow pant leg, use the narrow edge of the hot ruler to measure, fold and press.

Kearing ruler

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