Kearing’s Journey to Tiantai: More Than Just Scenic Views

Embarking on a journey that promised more than just scenic views, our Kearing team headed to Tiantai County on December 1, 2023. This three-day excursion was a harmonious blend of natural exploration and team strengthening. As we journeyed through the breathtaking landscapes of Tiantai, we found ourselves weaving a stronger bond, not just with the environment but also with each other.

A Scenic Start

The journey began with a picturesque high-speed train ride from Shanghai to Taizhou. The ever-changing landscapes outside our windows set a beautiful backdrop for the experiences awaiting us.

The Splendor of Tiantai Mountain Waterfall

One of the first and most memorable stops was the Tiantai Mountain Waterfall. Witnessing the waterfall’s impressive 325-meter drop was awe-inspiring. 

Adding to the experience was the walk across the Hui Xian Bridge, featuring an exhilarating 5D glass “explosion” effect that heightened our sense of adventure.

Enchanting Shenxianju Scenic Area

Our next destination, the Shenxianju Scenic Area, was a testament to nature’s beauty and historical significance. As a national 5A-level tourist spot, it offered us not just visual delight but also a journey back in time. The landscapes here seemed to echo the poetic verses of Li Bai, immersing us in a world where history and nature coexist in harmony.

Morning Visit to Guoqing Temple

Some of us woke up early to visit the historic Guoqing Temple, as dawn’s light gently illuminated the temple grounds, we explored its centuries-old history and spiritual ambiance. The ancient architecture, intricate carvings, and serene rituals left a lasting impression, deepening our connection to Tiantai’s cultural heritage.

Bonding Through Activities

Integral to our trip were the team-building activities. These weren’t just about fun; they were exercises in strengthening our bonds and enhancing collaboration. Each activity was a step towards understanding each other better and working together more effectively.

Returning to Shanghai on December 3, we brought back more than just memories of Tiantai’s mesmerizing landscapes. This excursion enriched us with a renewed sense of team unity and collaboration. It was more than a getaway; it was an enriching experience that brought us closer as a team and left us with lasting memories.
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