Kearing’s Impactful Presence at H+H Cologne 2024

This March, Kearing stood out at H+H Cologne 2024 in Cologne, Germany, unveiling new crafting tools and engaging with an international community of hobbyists and professionals. Our booth in Hall 11.3, Stand A037 was a center of activity, innovation, and inspiration.

A Fresh Booth Experience

Unlike previous setups, our booth this year was strategically designed to facilitate interaction and hands-on experience with our tools. Visitors were drawn into lively demonstrations, particularly enjoying the debut of our new products.
kearing's booth at hh cologne 2024

Spotlight on New Products

One of the highlights was our newly launched Fabric Glue Collection, which caught significant attention and was featured in the prominent industry magazine, Merceria Actualidad. This feature underscored the product’s unique handcrafted formula and its appeal in the textile industry.

kearaing fabric adhesive

Global Connections

At H+H Cologne, we didn’t just showcase products; we built relationships. Our team engaged with attendees from over 40 countries, gathering unique insights that influence our tool designs and functionalities, ensuring they meet diverse global needs.
Global Connections_3
Global Connections_2
Global Connections_1

Compact Learning

Our team participated in exciting talks in the Talk Zone, inspiring deep-dive workshops in the Academy Zone and many other event formats, these are faster-paced learning approaches compared to other events, allowing us to quickly adapt and innovate.
Compact Learning at hh cologne

Gratitude and Future Outlook

Thanks to everyone who joined us at H+H Cologne 2024. Your enthusiasm reaffirms our commitment to enhancing the crafting experience with innovative tools. We’re excited about what’s next and hope to see you again soon!

Stay tuned for more updates and follow us on our social media. Together, let’s craft the future!

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