Kearing’s Debut at CHSI Stitches 2024

As CHSI Stitches 2024 concludes, we at Kearing are filled with gratitude and excitement. Our debut at this esteemed trade show, held at the NEC in Birmingham on 25-26 February 2024, was an unforgettable experience. From the moment we set foot in Hall 7, Stand F44, to the final moments of packing up our booth, it was a journey filled with hard work, camaraderie, and innovation.

Booth Preparation

Setting up our booth was a labor of love. With meticulous attention to detail, we arranged our furniture, ensuring each product was displayed with care and precision. We couldn’t wait to share our newest stuff with everyone who came by.
kearing booth prepare in chsi 2024
kearing booth set up process in chsi 2024

Inspiring Conversations

During the show, our booth buzzed with activity. From experienced pros to enthusiastic newcomers, visitors stopped by to inquire about our products.
visitors stopped by to inquire about our products
A highlight was the unveiling of Kearing’s Fray Guard, designed to treat frayed fabric and trim edges, enhancing durability. Made from non-toxic aqueous materials, it preserves fabric color and is suitable for washing, dry cleaning, and ironing.
kearing fabric adhesive
In addition to Fray Guard, our pattern customizable measure tape and the new design of our pen body garnered attention and sparked conversations.
kearing fabric erasable pens
kearing pattern customizable measure tape

Learning and Growth at the Insights Hub

While at CHSI Stitches, we had the privilege of attending the Insights Hub, where retail, sales, and marketing experts from outside the craft industry shared valuable insights. This was an opportunity to be inspired by some of the UK’s most thought-provoking speakers, gaining valuable knowledge to apply to our business.
insights hub in chsi stitches

Gratitude and Farewell

As we reflect on our debut at CHSI Stitches, we are filled with excitement for the future. We look forward to returning in the years to come with even more cool stuff to show off. Our journey toward excellence in the craft industry continues, fueled by passion, innovation, and a commitment to our customers.

To everyone who visited our booth, engaged with our products, or shared with us, we extend our heartfelt thanks. You made CHSI Stitches 2024 an unforgettable experience, and we eagerly anticipate the next chapter of this journey together. Until we meet again!

kearing sales talk with visitors
kearing sales chatting with visitors
joint photo
kearing's booth in chsi 2024

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