Importance of Pattern Drafting

For either skilled fashion designer or new beginner, pattern drafting is always a basic and important part of fashion design, which also requires a lot of practice. You can regard pattern drafting as simple as drawing pattern pieces on paper according to body measurement, and use it as a basis to create garment, meanwhile pattern drafting is also a complex thing as sometimes it needs various techniques and professional knowledge, just like:

Tracing: tracing is considered as the easiest and best technique for new beginners in fashion design, you just need to put the garment flat on the paper and directly trace a pattern as a copy. Of course it is only suitable for a garment with minimum shapes and remember to leave some space for adding seam of the garment.

Sloper: sloper creating is a little bit complex as a technology in pattern drafting. We also call it as block patterns or fitting shells, which is regarded as a close-fitting garments with no ease movement. Fashion designers can make various of patterns on sloper, and we regularly have 2 ways for getting a sloper – one is directly download free sloper patterns sample online; one is create it from scratch, which always require a high level skill and good knowledge.

In the past 10 years, more and more young designers and students in fashion design school are prefer using PC or iPad to create pattern drafting, it is a popular trends. Many skilled designers just use softwares like designsew, patternmaster, or Gerber, etc. However we can say the pattern drafting skill by hand will never be an old-fashioned technology, it is even still in its developing stage. All new beginners who love fashion design should get start from hand-made sloper and tracing process, it is the best way for you to feel fashion design’s beautiful and amazing with heart, also the best way help you learn all necessary skills.

Nowadays there are a large number of people in the industry of fashion design. When we do pattern drafting in an efficient way, we can do many jobs like a professional pattern grader, a fashion consultant, a pattern drafter or even skilled pattern master.

Here we some essential tools to begin this journey:

Erasable pens ( air & water )

kearing erasable pens

Pattern grading ruler 18”


Vary Form Curve – French Curve – Hip Curve

How to use french curve ruler

Tracing Wheel – Tailor Awl – Pattern Notcher

sewing accessories
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