How to Use the IRON ON Transfer Marker

These 2 years the Kearing IRON ON transfer markers are becoming popular, more and more friends are asking for a ” How to Use ” instruction in details for Kearing pens when buying, so hope this article would be helpful for you!

Using the Kearing IRON ON transfer marker is quite simple and easy, just follow below steps:

1. Prepare A4 paper, you can either drawing pictures by yourself or just print your design from computer. But please keep in mind – if you don’t want your images to be revserved, you need to trace your design on the back of the paper, rather than directly on your printed lines. The final image on the substance will be mirrored so the text on paper must be reversed!


2. Put the design trace-side -down onto your fabric, mug, glass, wood or other materials.


3. Press the hot dry iron onto the paper, make sure tracing images liberally and press firmly to ensure a good stamping when transfering, the transferred images is lightfast, waterproof, long-lasting and oxidation resistant.

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What types IRON ON Transfer Marker can Kearing provide ?

1. Kearing 2.0 mm IRON ON Transfer Marker ( 12 colors )


2. Kearing 1.0 mm IRON ON Transfer Marker ( 12 colors )


3. Kearing 0.5 mm IRON ON Transfer Marker ( 12 colors )


12 different colors available, and 3 different size tips available!

You can not only use them just for lines, you can also color in areas of your patterns. If the Kearing pens are exactly what you are looking for, I think you can find them at your nearby quilt shops, fabric stores, etc.. If your shop doesn’t sell it at this stage, but they already sell other Kearing products such as the erasable pens, fashion design rulers, or sew accessories, you can probably ask them to order this transfer marker for you!

Now we Kearing are looking for global dealers, for any interest, just pick up your phone to call us!

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