How to Use Kearing Sublimation Markers

Sublimation markers, also well known as IRON ON transfer markers – mainly used to transfer DIY drawings from regular paper onto fabric, mug, glass, wood or other materials by Hot Ironing. At the early begining of 21th Century, Kearing company successfully developed the inks for IRON ON Transfer Markers in Shanghai CHINA and now we have 12 regular colors & 6 fluorenscent colors as ready-to-ship stock! The transferred images is lightfast, waterproof, long-lasting and oxidation resistant. As one of the leading supplier in this niche industry, Kearing also has strong ability customize the inks’ color per clients’ requirement!

This blog we would like to show you the DIY transfer drawing funny process, enjoy ~

Prepare a A4 white paper, here we already have the printer paper drawing with a simple line image – as we are not so good at drawing as an artist, hahaha! If you are professional enough, of course you can draw DIY images all by yourself, just keep in mind the final image on the substance will be mirrored so the text / image on paper must be reversed!

Fulfill the images with colorful Iron-on Transfer Pens, you have 18 different colors to choose for this DIY drawing. It should be funny and interesting to inspire kids passion to create their own cute world on the paper!


Put the design onto your T shirt or blank clothes. Press the white paper with a high temperature iron ( 350 ~ 400 degrees ),and make sure to give it a enough time ( roughly 2 ~ 3 minutes ). From my own experience, I think the higher temperature, the longer time we can give, the brighter and nicer colors images we can have!


Remove the paper and enjoy your DIY work!



Using the Kearing brand Iron-on transfer pens / sublimation marker is very easily, quick and funny, I think it is a great gift for every one to express themselves and enjoy more all the time!


Kearing also provides other style nibs, such as 1mm fiber tip and 0.5mm metal tip, etc.

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