How to Use French Curve for Pattern Making ?

This blog is a recommendation for Kearing new PM1300 French Curve Ruler, it is a perfect tool for skilled fashion designer who need a comfortable ruler to do work in a better way. This is a multi-purpose french curve, we always use it to draw various of curve lines for different parts during pattern making project. The rate of transparency allows to see the drawing medium below template for easy positioning. Providing the most common shapes that are required to create any desired image. It is also great for architects builders, electrician, interior designers, engineers, students, design colleges.


2mm thick plastic material make this ruler with a flexible & durable hand feeling, never too rigid to break as other types rulers, actually you can bend it when you need. Its biggest difference when comparing with other ruler is its curved shape. You can definitely find a curved part to draw perfect lines for your armhole, sleeve caps, hip curve, necklines, etc. It is absolutely an easy-to-use tool for pattern making and you don’t need to prepare many rulers at one time.

Here is a basic example to use this french curve for pattern making:

Part 1 – Use the top of french curve to draw big curve line

1 1

Part 2 – Use the other inner side of french curve to draw small long curve line


Part 3 – Use the outside hip curve parts to draw smaller wave line


Part 4 – Turn over the french curve and draw another curve line


We also prepare a Youtube video here, you can watch it with more details, enjoy !

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