How to Use DIY Fabric Markers

What is DIY Fabric Marker ?

DIY fabric markers are colorful marking pens for DIY drawing on T shirts, caps, bags, or shoes, etc. It is very easy and convenient for funny drawing and a great way to inspire kids passion of imagination and express themselves. The fabric markers are non toxic water based ink, safe for kids and also with a range of vivid colors leaving clean lines with no bleeding. Overlay the inks to create an unlimited range of colors right on your fabric. Children can use them at school or home; Parents can just have fun with kids during the DIY drawing process; New artists can also create their unique T shirt or caps with these fabric markers.

Permanent DIY Fabric Markers

Permanent fabric markers should be the best and most popular choice! We have 24 different colors available, once ironed, the permanent fabric pen’s ink won’t fade on most fabrics washed on cycles up to 60°C. We also recommend to leave the T shirt for at least 72 hours before washing, to make sure painting inks dry completely and can be fade resistant for a longer time. If you are hoping to create a permanent image on the t-shirt or other fabrics, the Kearing permanet DIY fabric marker is what you need.


Non-permanent DIY Fabric Markers

We also call non-permanent fabric markers the ‘’ Washable Marker ‘’, their inks can be easily removed by normal laundry. We have 10 different colors for this funny process: Color – Wear – Wash – Repeat ! This type fabric marker is perfect to use when sewing or a temporary image you wish to remove after you are done.


How to use DIY Fabric Marker on T shirt ?

You can either use the DIY fabric marker direct draw images on the T shirt, or use Kearing IRON ON transfer pens to heat transfer basic lines if you think you are not so good at DIY drawing.

Draw images on the paper with IRON ON transfer pens :

DIY Permanent Fabric Marker 1

Then heat transfer it from paper to T-shirt :

DIY Permanent Fabric Marker 2

Here you got basic lines on the T-shirt :

DIY Permanent Fabric Marker 3

Use DIY fabric markers to fulfill the images with different colors:

DIY Permanent Fabric Marker 4

Think it, ink it! Do it Yourself, Be Yourself!

DIY Permanent Fabric Marker 5
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