How to Use Curve Rulers

When we are working on pattern making or any types fashion design, the garments alteration is always one of the most frequently and necessary step during sewing. In this case, the measuring rulers are needed at any time and anywhere by all designers and tailors, and the most popular and basic item in our memory should be the soft measuring tape. But actually sometimes neither the soft measuring tape nor regular straight rulers can be used in a good way to get the job done efficiently as our bodies are mostly built with various of curve lines, so here we prefer to use professional french curve rulers!

It may be a little bit alarming for new beginners who never used french curve rulers before, but they are definitely great tools for those skilled designers. Curve rulers are mainly used for garment fitting adjustment or pattern drafting for body curvy parts, here just read this blog and we will recommend 3 types french curve rulers, let’s see which one suitable for you!

Kearing 12 inch French Curve 6112A

This aluminum french curve also well known as armhole curve ruler, 12 inch is a handy size for fashion design rulers to make regular pattern fitting or adjustments. Skilled designers always use it for drawing or measuring armhole, neckline, pocket contours, sleeve caps, etc. It is an essential tool with grading rule for pattern making, tailors, students, sewing etc.

6112A kearing curve ruler

Kearing 24 inch Hip Curve Ruler 6324A

When we are designing the curves for hemline, elbow or lapels, this 24 inch hip curve ruler will be helpful, as it is perfect to draw slight curve lines during pattern making for fitting adjustments. For example – just like making side-seam adjustment, once side seam is fitted by pins, use this hip curve ruler to measure along with the pinned line, it is easy to use with this great tool and convenient to draw new seam lines for all sewing beginners.

6324A kearing curve ruler

How to do side-seam adjustments ?

Put the hip curve ruler on the waist parts, simplly slide the ruler – up and down along with the pinned curve seam. Marking a small note at the measurement’s begining and end. Keep moving the ruler to make sure it could perfect fit the rest pinned seam, then both the left and right sides seams can be drawn exactly the same.

Kearing 24 inch Styling Design Ruler 6224A

24 inch styling design ruler is the most popular curve ruler used by skilled designers and also the fashion design school. It is ideal for professional pattern making, at home or at school. Always Used for lapel, elbow, skirt, slack, trouser or anywhere a special contour is needed. When it comes to altering sleeves this tool is required. Use this ruler to note the adjusted armhole measurement and then transfer those measurements to the sleeve cap to ensure a great fit. Styling design ruler is a helpful tool for any sewing, quilting, or crafting project.

6224A kearing curve ruler
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