How to Use a Sewing Gauge

The sewing gauge, is a narrow shape measuring tool – with measurements and point turner, which also be called as seam gauge or hem gauge. It is a perfect tool for all sewing enthusiasts who need sew all the time.
Meanwhile as we can see, actually it is also being used by many other people who not only in sewing, but also in quilting, or crafting industries, as the sewing gauge is really a multi purpose and easy to use tool!

So here you must have this question – Do I also need a sewing gauge?

Yes sure! It is absolutely a good idea to keep one in your sewing box. This beautiful measuring tool is made by aluminum material, and measurs for 6 inch or 7 inch lenght only, not a long size. You can use it to measure many small things with accuracy such as the button size or hem depths, etc.

How to use a sewing gauge ?

Here are some useful tips we list for your reference!

5007A gauge

Multi purpose usage

Use point to gently push out corners on collars, lapels, cuffs, pockets and waistbands.
Use sliding marker to measure and mark hem depths, seam allowances, establish buttonhole spacing and length and to evenly space tucks and pleats. Use small hole in gauge and sliding marker as a compass when drawing circles. Place a straight pin in sliding marker hole and pivot by placing pencil point through gauge hole.

5007A sewing gauge

Measuring button size

It is always much easier and convenient to use a sewing gauge to measure the button size, although maybe you also have a button size chart to compare. From my experience, I prepfer to use this smart measuring tool every time when I need to know the button size, as it is truely easy for measuring both shanked and flat style button.

Measuring button location

Just same way as we measure the button size, we can also use the sewing gauge to measure button location with accuracy. It is a perfect tool to help line up all buttonholes in one go, and help you to make sure the space between each button is even and stable.


Measuring hems

When we need measuring hems before turning & pressing, the sewing gauge would be helpful. You can use it to measure either simple fold such as the t shirt hem, or complex fold such as the tailored jacket with hem allowance, the straight hem gauge is always much easier to use than a measuring tape.

Measuring pleats & tucks

In order to ensure the pleats to be as evenly spaced as the buttons, we can use this sewing gauge for accuracy measurement. Same for the tucks, which is just a little bit narrower than pleats, it is always much better to use this style straight aluminum measuring tool when comparing with a soft measuring tape, which is too fiddly to work with.


Measuring seam allowance

It is easy to understand its usage for seam allowance if you already know how to use it for measuring hems, yes they are almost the same way to use. Just like measuring 5mm seam allowance on your collars or sewing flat felled seams, this smart sewing gauge is helpful.

Measuring waistbands

Kearing provides 2 different sizes of sewing gauges, one for 6” / 15cm, and one for 7” / 17.5cm. It is good enough to measure almost any waistbands you creat. Did you get chance to use any similar sewing gauge and have any idea for other types usage? Welcome your comments!

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