How to Teach Kids to be a Fashion Designer

If you happen to find your child shows a great interest in fashion style, or always have creative ideas but no way to express themselves, it should be a good choice to teach them fashion design. Learning fashion design is never a easy thing but no doubt it is a good opportunity to express own ideas or creativity. It is also a good start way for kids to learn marketing, business skill, and also helpful to grow their appreciation for artisty and color concept.

There are various ways to teach child fashion design, such as shopping fashion store, learning fashion specific materials, or even observe others’ outfits. Your child would learn the sense of style, ability as a good team player, and how to build initial sense for business!

Are kids too early to learn becoming fashion designers?

It’s never too early to teach kids fashion design knowledge, actually you even don’t need to worry kids age issue as children have the ability to become anything they dream to be. Once they focus on this interest at a young age, it means they definitely have a great long time to learn and practice skills before they grow up. It would make your child more confident and step ahead of his schoolmates in fashion design area, which will also inspire his/her passion for knowledge learning. What’s more, it is definitely a great jouney for any fashion design enthusiastis to study from A to Z at early age to improve their drawing and design skills and build fashion design passion.

What is kids fashion design?

It is always a headache thing for parents to teach their own child how to learn fashion design, sometimes maybe you prefer to teach an adult how to sew rather than teach the kids. But anyway it is still worthful to do so, especially when knowing it is a great way to grow kids creativity and personal style.

Here are some small sugguestions for your reference:

  • Learn draw and design manually on paper, or digitally on iPad
  • Learn how to make mood boards
  • Learn how to start their design company by using own name
  • Learn marketing and branding through social media
  • Learn how to present themselves

It is very important to teach kids how to express themselves in a right way, so once they learn something and willing to show you, please be patient and if possible ask other family members or friends to join together for this moment. It’s your responsibility to encourage kids be confident and dare to express and present to others, just keep in mind the more they dare to share, the better they will be!
Don’t just teach kids some basic skills and repeat all the time, children can take in more materials and be more susceptible to guidance. If your child is trying to learn how to do fashion design, they are already better and ahead of contemporary, so take one step forward and allow your kids to learn more in social media such as facebook, ins or youtube.

Important notes for child to be a fashion designer

Alway keep in mind to be themselves

Identify personal style, it is the most important thing for a successful fashion designer. Many designers would lose themselves when grow up and follow public taste in a easy way, this is the key difference for normal and superior fashion designer. So teach your kids to keep in mind never abandon their own valuable personal style and creativity.

Keep foolish, keep fresh

Learning new skill and knowledege is a basic requirement for fashion designer. Kis should learn the design clothing sketh work and practice at home. They should learn how to begin the design process in terms of sketching, adding guidelines to their drawings that cater to different body types, and drawing basic features of not just faces but also their designs themselves. They should also learn how to draw details on clothing and accessories and mix color and patterns while understanding the importance of multifunctionality and the difference between different designs and materials.

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