How to Start Quilting

First of all, just keep in mind patchwork and quilting is never difficult to deal with, it is more inspirable and manageable than you think although those quilting materials & tools looks so complex. You just need to decide what kind of quilter you like to be in the future or which type quilting project you like to make, then follow below simple leads to start your journey.

Before starting, spend enough time to select several types quilting project you really love, it is also good and smart if they are small and easy. If you have an ideal budget, it is also a good choice to attend a project-specific workshop or study beginners’ course, both of them are an efficient way to master the technique in a short time. Besides, there are also types of comprehensive quilter guide books for beginners on the market, you can borrow from library or buy directly from bookstore; Follow Youtube videos or join a facebook group to study and communicate with others is also popular ways.


Will it cost me too much time ?

If you don’t have as much time as you need for learning quilting, it would be better to start with hand techniques rather than using sewing machine, as you can do hand quilting at anytime and anywhere you like, while machined quilts always requires much more time and bigger size space and more energy. But after this, machine method is definately a better choice especially when cutting patches or strips, cutting machines are much greater and faster to ensure precision.

What type cutting tools should I have ?

45mm rotary cutter, A3 cutting mat, Patchwork quilting ruler

cutting tools kearing

You can operate better with below items:

Kearing erasable pens for temporary marking on fabrics
Tailor scissors for quick cutting in sewing and quilting
Measuring tapes for quick and easy measuring
Slotted cutting ruler for cutting strips, squares, diamands, triangles, etc.

cutting ruler scissor measuring tape

After years, more and more quilters would prefer to having a seprate quilt room as stockpile and showcase of their loved fabrics. They have hundreds type of different fabrics for quilting project, so it is a good idea to prepare a big room for collection as indeed most female quilters also like to combine different style and colors fabrics for quilt. If you only prefer simple color quilt and just need what you need for the project you are doing, or just creat minimalist modern-style quilts, or you just want to make a cute quilt for a new baby, then just keep is as simple as possible, otherwise your house would be in a mess frequently.

Last but not least – patchwork quilting is definately a worthful hobby to follow in our whole lifetime!

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