How to Sew a T shirt neckline

V-neck T shirt neckline treatment ways:


Cut V shape seam corner, making sure to get close to the seam line, but don’t cut it off. Fold the fabric strap, making it aligned with the seam center line.


Now turn to the V-neck side, use a needle to sew a section 0.6cm away from the raw edge, and also sew a few spaces on both sides of the V-neck. Cut the corner.

d 1
d 2

Sew this fabric strap to the entire neckline, securing a few equal parts first, then stretch the strap to match the length of bodies neckline.


Press the seam allowance to the side of the bodice and iron flat.

f 1

Round neck T shirt neckline treatment ways:


Calculate and cut out the desired length of neckband according to the stretch percentage of the neckband fabric ( 75% ~ 85% as a regular range ).
Fold the neckband in half, sew the edges at both ends, and press the seam flat.
Fold the straps up and down to half the width to wrap the seam parts.
Mark symmetrical bisectors on the bodice neckline with a pin or chalk etc.


Fix the neckband on the neckline at equal distances with a bead needle, and align the raw edges. Stretch the neckband to the length of the neckline when sewing.


Overlock way to sew the raw edge.


Last step, press the seam allowance towards the body and iron it flat.
In order to keep the seam flat for a long time, you can press the seam once!

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