How to Sew A Perfect Hem

How to sew a classic hem ? This blog will guide you step by step.


  • Sewing fabrics
  • Tailor pins
  • Metal sewing gauge
  • Measuring tape
  • Portable Iron
  • Sewing machine


#1, Put the sewing fabric on ironing board, and place it with inner face side upwards.

how to sew 1 2021

#2, Use the metal sewing gauge to measure 1cm space, then fold the fabric inward against the sewing gauge.

how to sew 2 2021

#3, Now we can use the pins to fix the fabric fold parts on the ironing board, then iron the fold with an iron.


#4, Fold the fabric inward again by 2cm, we can also use the measuring tape to make sure the width is correct, and then we use the pins again to fix the fabric folded edge.


#5, Iron the fabric fold parts again, then remove the pins and position them on the fabric edge perpendicular to the hemline, so as to finally find the already pinned hem.


#6, Now we can sew hem with sewing machine, just be careful with the pins and it would be better to remove it before sewing machine needles reaching them. Of course if you are a experienced tailor, you can sew it directly with the pins!


BINGO! Now we have a perfect hem!!

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