How to Choose an Ideal Rotary Cutter

Rotary cutter is one of the must to have tool for everyone who love quilting or sewing, there are various brands of rotary cutters on the market while actually it is not an easy thing to select an ideal tool which perfectly meet our requirement. Rotary cutters can be used for cutting multiple layers with either straight lines or complex curve lines, here we Kearing would like to recommend some basic styles which test by ourselves in the past 12 months, hope they are helpful for you!

28mm Rotary Cutter – RC28
45mm Rotary Cutter – RC45
60mm Rotary Cutter – RC60

RC28 K2
RC60 K

Cutting Details & Curves

A slender 28 mm blade makes freehand cutting of intricate patterns, tight curves and quilting appliqué pieces easy – perfect for adding whimsical little details to your latest fabric scrap projects and more.

Unbeatable Cutting Versatility

An everyday 45 mm blade is ideal for cutting multiple layers fabric, felt, vinyl or paper, and is the perfect size for a variety of cutting tasks. These include precise cuts on quilting projects, as well as other fabric scrap projects where long, straight lines are needed.

Cutting Thick Fabric & Batting

It’s easy to make smooth cuts through thick materials with a heavy-duty 60 mm blade. Designed to glide cleanly through multiple layers of fabric, as well as thick quilting materials like batting and foam, this rotary cutter is guaranteed to help you keep rolling.

These 3 sizes rotary cutters are the most popular and useful tool in quilts, 28mm rotary cutter is suitable for cutting intricate patterns and small details, 60mm rotary cutter is great for powering through thick fabric. 45mm rotary cutter is the best size and being used by most people in daily work – we provide not only straight line blades, but also other styles such as pinking blade, wave blade, edge perfect blade, and skip blade.

PRB45 5 5
Pinking Blade
WRB45 5 5
Wave Blade
ERB45 5 05
Edge Perfect Blade
SRB45 5 5
Skip Blade

Pinking blade and Wave blade are perfect and easy to cut 5 ~ 15 pieces paper at the same time. Edge perfect blade and skip blade are perfect for making skip cutting line on paper, fabric, film, leather, photo, vinyl, cloth, etc. All blades can be assembled to either side of rotary cutter for both left and right hand users.


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