How Often Do You Use a Seam Ripper

Hey friends in sewing and quilting, which style social media do you use every day? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube shorts? Now you can find Kearing on all these platforms, just put Kearing inside your phone!

Last week we asked a question about the Seam Ripper in a Facebook Group, and hundreds of sewers and quilters shared their feeling and thoughts. Here is the snapshot of what they answered in the group, let’s see their love for sewing tools!

seam rippers

How Often Do You Use a Seam Ripper?

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Kearing came to life with a mission that remains unchanged today: no matter what our customers do, what tools or materials they use, we help each and every fashion design lover and handicraft enthusiast find their way to professionalism, and every professional designer and artist become their most masterful self.

Here are some Best-Selling Seam Rippers for YOU!

SR110 A 4
SR112 1
SR113 S 7
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