Hot Ironing Ruler

Some years ago, the rulers for sewing & quilting were all made by normal rigid plastic or fabric materials, neither of them can meet the rising demands of DIY hot ironing projects as the transparent plastic ruler is not heat resistant while fabric hot ruler is not transparent although we can press steam iron on it. When facing with this problem, Jason – the founder of Kearing company decided to create a new type ruler, he spent roughly one year testing kinds of materials and finally inspired by the idea of plastic material from autronaut’s helmet in aerospace, which quality should be definately superior and heat resistant, then smoothly developed the resin plastic Kearing Hot Ironing Ruler, and it got great success in the next coming years. Now Kearing company owns Exclusive Patents for this product including its raw material, technology, design, and package style. Recently we find more and more competitors are copying this ruler with fake materials and many defective items are being sold on the market, so we sincerely hope global distributors & retailors can directly contact us if you have interest reselling the Kearing hot ironing ruler, and here we are also indicating any infringement of the patent will be subject to legal action!


Hot Ironing Ruler ( 10'' × 5'' )


Hot Ironing Ruler ( 10'' × 2.5'' )


Hot Ironing Ruler ( 20 × 10 CM )


Hot Ironing Ruler ( 30 × 10 CM )


Hot Ironing Ruler ( 20 × 10 CM )

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